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With WEDOS Global Protection, your website will be faster, more accessible and more secure. Effective protection against cyber attacks and advanced caching (DDoS protection, WAF + CDN Cache).

from 1 €/month.

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Why is DDoS protection, WAF and web CDN a great solution for your website?

WEDOS Global Protection protects your website from congestion, slowdowns and subsequent outages. By filtering malicious traffic and blocking IP addresses, only genuine users can access your website. Plus, by connecting them to the nearest server within our global infrastructure and smart caching, we can speed up the loading of your web content around the world!

Save up to 90% of server performance and speed up web loading by more than 70%!

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We are among the TOP30 in the world! We offer a state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes 2 of our own professional private datacenters and a global network of 45 datacenters worldwide.

Hluboká nad Vltavou, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Frankfurt, Germany

Amsterdam, Netherlands

London, England

Paris, France

Lisbon, Portugal

Barcelona, Spain

Athens, Greece

Stockholm, Sweden

Zurich, Switzerland

Helsinki, Finland

Warsaw, Poland

Vienna, Austria

Munich, Germany

San Francisco, USA

Dallas, USA

Atlanta, USA

Miami, USA

Chicago, USA

New York, USA

Washington DC, USA

Seattle, USA

Mexico City, Mexico

Fortaleza, Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Santiago de Chile, Chile

Mombasa, Kenya

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Mumbai, India

Singapore, Malaysia

Hong Kong, China

Seoul, South Korea

Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia

Lagos, Nigeria

Johannesburg, South Africa

Muscat, Oman

Istanbul, Turkey

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bogota, Colombia

Toronto, Canada

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Treat yourself to high performance, stability and quality! Ideal web hosting for WordPress and other CMS and e-commerce solutions. We currently operate 153 778 web hosts.

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We take care of 624 551 hosting services. We provide hosting services to everyone – not only to individuals and small or medium-sized, but also to giant companies and e-shops with billions of turnover.

Why Choose WEDOS

Jakub "Sargas" Kolesa
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I am very satisfied with the services of the company. In the time I've been a customer, it has never happened that the services they provide have stopped working all of a sudden. All planned outages are pre-announced. The company strives to move forward and offer its customers only the latest and best services available on the market. I can only recommend it.
Martin Wiper Grandfather
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Best Hosting. Extremely fast technical help, clear administration, minimum downtime, I use it for all my domains, especially for and everything works as it should. I can't think of anything to improve 🙂
Pavel Mario Kautsky
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I use NoLimit webhosting and everything is running as it should. Customer support is responsive and the administration interface offers a wide range of setup/configuration options. Thanks to the extensive documentation, I can figure out a lot of things on my own.
Mgr. Tomas Valach
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I have been using Wedos services for almost 10 years and I am extremely satisfied with them. The NoLimit Extra web hosting service is very superior and reliable. As well as their support, who always help and advise. I recommend it.
Radka Havlíčková
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I am very satisfied with the NoLimit Webhosting service. I have been hosting with Wedos for my website for about 10 years and I really appreciate the patience and kind attitude of the support people. I can solve everything quickly and they are ready for technical anitalents :-). Thanks a lot.
Adam Hnida
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I am satisfied with the webhosting. The web administration is clear and fully functional. The company informs me about outages in advance and so far I have never had anything not working.
Anna Fink
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I am using wedos already 2017. I use hosting, domains and I also recommend Wedos for my clients every time. There are problems everywhere, but I am very happy for the longevity and reliability. My website is running on wedos, but I also have a lot of domains buried separately. For me, Wedos is the best on the market no matter what anyone says.
Jakub Minka
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I have been using WEDOS services for several years on my own website (several domains and NoLimit hosting) and several other websites of my clients and friends and I would definitely not change. Service is reliable, customer support has helped me with almost any question. For me the price / performance ratio satisfaction!
Martin Kreuzberger
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I've been with vedos for more than 10 years and in that time maximum satisfaction with the services 🙂 webhosting no limit extra and the domain is working as it should 🙂 and I have over 1300GB of data uploaded there 🙂 thanks a lot
Pavel R
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We have had an e-shop (Prestashop | for several years now and everything is running smoothly. We have NoLimit Extra web hosting and we have not experienced any outages over the last year. Sic have now increased the price, but adequately to the performance, everyone has the option to go to NoLimit, where we run the website (Joomla) and the same for a whole year without failure.
Andreas Gideon
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Domain and hosting only with WEDOS. For those many years, it can only be called the word satisfaction. I directly operate, or indirectly on recommendation, more than 10 domains and web hosts. Always completely satisfied with the base and live support. The number one in the Czech Republic.

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