The WEDOS corporation was established in 2010 and became the largest web hosting service provider in the Czech Republic within 31 months.

WEDOS Internet, a.s. currently has a registered capital (registered in the Commercial Register) of CZK 23 million. The share capital is divided into 230,000 shares, each with a nominal value of CZK 100.

Shareholder structure

At present, the shareholder structure is as follows:

  • 47.826% of the shares are owned by WEDOS Property, s.r.o., which is 100% owned by Josef Grill
  • 39.1304% of the shares are owned by Josef Grill, the company’s founder
  • 8.75% of shares are owned by Zdeňka Grill, the company’s founder
  • 4.29347% of the shares are distributed among another 121 different shareholders

Over the years, there has been a repeated interest in buying the whole company by various foreign entities, but the company is not for sale. We are still at the beginning.

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