Information about web hosting and VPS data backups.

Backups for the NoLimit Extra Web Hosting Services

We provide daily backups of the web content, all its databases and e-mails, With the NoLimit Extra version of web hosting services. It is backed up every night, backups are available for 5 days. Recovery is free of charge from this daily backup, it is done by our technicians upon request via the Contact Form (please log in).

Backups for the NoLimit Web Hosting and Server Hosting Services

For the NoLimit version of web hosting services and Virtual Private Servers, we provide weekly backups – we make a copy of the data onto a backup disk array once a week.

These backups, however, are not accessible to customers and are not intended to be routinely renewed at a customer’s request. We keep them in case a server or disk crash occurs and we are forced to restore the data.

It is strongly recommended that customers make backups of their data themselves in case they accidentally delete or damage something.

If the customer requests us to recover their data from the backup, it is subject to the one-time fee of 20,83 € without VAT (25,20 € with VAT). The request must be sent via the Contact Form (it is necessary to log in) and agree to the fee. After the data recovery, an invoice with a 7-day due-date will be issued.

We restore the data from the last available backup, which can be up to 7 days old. The date of the latest backup of specific data will be provided upon request.

In the case of web hosting services, we will copy the content of the website and / or the database of the web hosting service, so the customer will be able to access it via FTP.

We do not back up files on virtual private servers, but save the entire virtual disk image. When recovering, we will attach it as another disk to the VPS and the customer can connect it and copy the data.

We do not back up any files from dedicated servers.