Reliable professional cloud storage for everyone with extensive expansion options. This simple, multi-platform storage makes not only an automatic backup of your device, but also a professional online office.

WEDOS CD (Cloud Disk)

Forget how you’ve been working up to now. WEDOS CD is a revolutionary tool that allows you or your entire company to work from anywhere. Hundreds of people around the world can be in one place at one time doing their work, sharing it with others, and that’s just the beginning …

WEDOS CD for households

Store your photos, videos, documents, calendars in your cloud storage. Share files conveniently on all your devices. You can also give access to any directories or files to your family members or friends.

Imagine your laptop, PC, mobile and smart TV sharing your selected directories in real time. You take a new photo with your phone and you can edit it on your computer. No need to record anything anywhere. You can download new books on your computer in the evening and read them on your mobile phone on your way to work in the morning.

But we’re still at the beginning. Online gallery, music, video and calendar player

You can also use secure chat with video calls

WEDOS CD for companies

Imagine all your employees being able to work from anywhere in the world, without the need to implement any complex software and dozens of hours of training.

The principle is simple. Every work computer has folders where employees store their work. These directories will be synchronized in real time with the WEDOS CD.

You’ll have all your business documents and files in one place in secure cloud storage. Whenever any document changes, it is immediately updated in the WEDOS CD.

And now you’ll see the power of cloud storage. Employees can share and work with individual documents in real time. At any one time, two can be writing, one proofreading and the third adding graphs and images. And how do they make arrangements? You can write notes or chat to each document in real time, and if that wasn’t enough, WEDOS CD can even make conference calls 🙂

But we’re still at the beginning. We designed WEDOS CD to connect everything a strong and growing company needs. For example, calendars can be connected to it. And all this can be shared between people. Employees can share work while using common tools.

We understand. I can’t even believe all this. So why not try it out?

What can WEDOS CD do?

WEDOS CD offers a number of applications that can be used to extend cloud storage.

On-line Office




Video Calls

ToDo list





Sharing Files

Useful Tools

Clients and Mobile Apps

Clients and Mobile Apps

Safety and Legislation

Safety First

We are one of the largest providers of hosting services in the Czech Republic. We own and operate two private data centres in Hluboká Nad Vltavou. Your data will never leave the Czech Republic.

Since 2011 we have ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certificates. In 2013, we added ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) and subsequently in 2021 ISO 27017 (Information Security for Cloud Services) and 27018 (Protection of Personally Identifiable Information in Public Clouds).

Our services comply with all GDPR requirements and you will receive an electronically signed processing contract after purchasing the service. You can also use the WEDOS CD for data backup.

If you choose the private key option, your data will be encrypted on our servers and no one will be able to convert it into a readable form without your key.
(We are preparing as a private service WEDOS CD on our own domain)


0 €/month FREE
  • storage size: 100 GB
  • max. file size: unlimited
  • Number of files: 10.000
  • data transfer: unlimited
  • number of user accounts: 1


8,33 €/month 10,08 €/month with VAT
  • Storage size: 3 TB and multiples of TB
  • max. file size: unlimited
  • number of files: 100.000 per TB
  • data transfer: unlimited
  • number of user accounts: 5


14,58 €/month 17,64 €/month with VAT
  • Storage size: 3 TB and multiples of TB
  • max. file size: unlimited
  • number of files: 100.000 per TB
  • data transfer: unlimited
  • number of user accounts: 10 or more

Storage space can be increased by multiples of TB (up to 1000 TB).
The basic number of users with the OFFICE variant is 10, and the number of user accounts can only be increased in this variant, along with an increase in storage by 1 TB. Not available separately (additional service is being prepared).

With the FREE option you can get free space up to 100 GB. 3 GB  + BONUSES (forthcoming)

Gifts for WEDOS CD

You can choose a gift with every WEDOS CD order.

Back up all your data!

Do You Need Help?

Our customer support is made up of people who enjoy internet technology. They will provide you with information about services, possibly help with an order, and control of the service through customer administration. They can help you with billing matters.

Prior to contacting us, please look through our Knowledge Base, where most problems and queries are addressed.

Support is available 24/7 via chat, email or contact form. Reakční doba je u běžných technických dotazů okamžitá, v případě složitějších problémů vám do 2 hodin odpoví technik.


WEDOS CD is a revolutionary tool that allows you or your entire company to work from anywhere. Shared storage, office suite, video conferencing, and other useful tools.