„WEDOS Cloud“ – a personal cloud data center. 
Only pay for truly used power, time, space, services…

Create tens or hundreds of interconnected virtual servers dynamically according to you needs

from 19,77 €/month
(from 23,92 €/month with VAT)


WEDOS Cloud is a professional service based on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). It is focused on demanding customers that are searching for the best background for their own cloud data center.

You have the unique opportunity to combine our WEDOS Public Cloud with your current Private Cloud, all with the help of the new WEDOS Cloud service. The WEDOS Cloud service will be running in near future in 2 private WEDOS data centers (the third is being prepared). You can, therefore, choose where you want to operate which part of your cloud infrastructure.

A certainty is the connection to the resources of other cloud solutions such as Azure, Amazon or WMware cloud. As part of the service, there will be the possibility of using the native kubernetes environment in the future.

We support common APIs and, for example, „Infrastructure as Code“ solutions (such as Terraform).

We are preparing a private version of WEDOS Cloud, where everything will include dedicated resources just for you and without the necessity for shared hardware.

Pay only for what you need and what you use. Create virtual servers, virtual routers or virtual networks in an unlimited number up to the amount of the quantity you order. The limit is only your imagination … Currently, monthly and annual invoicing is available, but we are also preparing hourly rates and invoicing according to the actually exhausted performance.

19,77 €
23,92 €/month with VAT

HPE Moonshot

The WEDOS CLOUD service is operated on the HPE Moonshot branded servers, which are specially developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise for giant cloud solutions

In total, one HPE Moonshot provides the performance of 45 processors with 360 threads 2.9-3.0 GHz CPU (3.4-3.8 GHz in turbo mode), 2880 GB RAM, 45-180 TB NVMe SSD.

Server Resources

1 Dedicated Physical CPU Thread
2.9-3 (turbo up to 3.8) GHz, max. 6 fibers just for you.

Capacity of 1 virtual server up to 4 dedicated CPUs. Up to 8 dedicated CPUs for WEDOS Cloud Private. There will be up to 32 dedicated CPUs in the future.

In your individual virtual server, you can divide the purchased performance into any number of virtual CPUs according to your needs.

The total capacity you can order for the WEDOS Cloud service is in the right column.
min 1 - max ∞ dedicated CPU
7,81 €/month
(9,45 €/mon. w/ VAT)
Up to 64 GB in the future, always dedicated.

Capacity of 1 virtual server up to 16 GB. With WEDOS Cloud Private up to 64 GB. 128 GB in the future.

The total capacity you can order for the WEDOS Cloud service is in the right column.
min 4 GB - max ∞ GB RAM
1,74 €/month
(2,11 €/mon. w/ VAT)
SSD (RAW), up to several TB in the future, always dedicated.

Capacity of 1 virtual server up to 1TB.

The total capacity you can order for the WEDOS Cloud service is in the right column.
min 30 GB - max ∞ GB
0,17 €/month
(0,21 €/mon. w/ VAT)

The prices listed above are relevant to active services. If you do not want to actively use WEDOS Cloud for some time, then all data can be archived for the price of storage space (where you pay nothing for Ram, CPU and other infrastructure elements). 

Prices are listed for 1 month with payment for one year, with monthly invoicing at a surcharge of 10%. We are also preparing hourly invoicing.

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Pre-installed Images

Each WEDOS Cloud offers several familiar operating systems and ISO images that you can use to simplify installation. The overview of all prepared systems is constantly expanding.


To operate the WEDOS Cloud service, you need to have advanced knowledge of server and network management.

If you have no experience with this and you do not have anyone to take care of your Cloud, we recommend choosing from the other services we offer.

Do You Need Help?

Our customer support is made up of people who enjoy IT. We will provide you with information about services, or help with ordering and controlling the service through customer administration. We can help you with billing issues. 

Before you contact us, take a look at our knowledge base, where most questions and issues are addressed. 

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
via email or contact form.


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