The Terms and Conditions of the WEDOS OnLine Monitoring Service

Basic Ts&Cs

  1. These WEDOS OnLine Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the „Terms of WO“) are part of the „General Terms and Conditions of the Service of WEDOS Internet, a.s.“ (hereinafter referred to as „GTC“).
  2. The use of these WO Terms takes precedence over the use of the GTC.
  3. WEDOS OnLine services include, in particular, site and server availability monitoring, performance and security analysis service and change tracking service.
  4. Availability Monitoring automatically tests the availability of a web (or other similar Internet service) and server at the intervals specified by the Customer. Once it finds out that the service is unavailable or does not meet the parameters set in Monitoring, it will attempt to contact the Customer, according to their defined notification methods (such as e-mail, text message, push notifications, etc., or their combination). The service includes various statistical outputs, both in text and graphic form.
  5. Performance and security analysis includes monitoring and evaluating the performance of a service, the response rate, and the evolution of these parameters over time. The service may include a service-based safety analysis and a safety assessment and recommendations for improvement.
  6. The Change Tracking Service includes tracking changes for monitored services. Especially changes of IP address, validity of domains, validity of certificates and server responses. In the case of changes, the service will notify the Customer of changes in the manner chosen by the Customer in the WEDOS OnLine administration.
  7. The contractual relationship continues even after the Customer ceases to use the WEDOS OnLine service. In such a case, the Customer must terminate the service by completing the notice form on the Customer Administration website or by filling in the contact form and duly authorizing it.
  8. The access data (login names and passwords) are sent to the Customer’s e-mail address specified for the service in the subscriber data when the service is established. If the password is forgotten, it is not possible to resend the password to the Customer because the Provider does not keep it in their databases for security reasons. In this case, the Customer must set a new password on the Customer Administration website or by sending an authorized request to the Contact Form.
  9. Each Customer is fully responsible for maintaining the security of their customer account and the timeliness of their account data (in particular the e-mail addresses, passwords and API keys used), as well as being fully accountable for any customer account activity.
  10. It is forbidden to use the WEDOS OnLine service (or individual parts of the service) for any purpose other than that for which it is intended.
  11. The operator is not responsible for blocking the service by a third party.
  12. In the event that the operator suspects the use of monitoring in violation of these rules, he has the right to suspend the monitoring and, if necessary, to take measures to prevent the violation of the rules.
  13. The Customer is responsible for any damage that may result from improper use of the monitoring, including damage to the Provider’s reputation.
  14. The Customer is responsible for all texts he enters into the system. None of the texts (including the name of the monitored service) may contradict good morals, violate the laws of the Czech Republic or harm Providers or third parties, or interfere with legitimate rights of third parties.
  15. The Provider reserves the right to place their advertising in the Customer Administration and use the data obtained from the service for marketing purposes or individual business offers.


  1. It is forbidden to use the monitoring service for any purpose other than verifying the availability of a web (or other similar Internet service).
  2. The Provider is not responsible for blocking monitoring by a third party.
  3. In the event that the Provider suspects the use of monitoring in violation of these rules, they have the right to suspend the monitoring and, if necessary, to take measures to prevent the violation of the rules.
  4. The Customer is responsible for any possible damages caused by improper use of the monitoring, including malfunctioning of the monitored service.
  5. Details, technical specifications and specific restrictions on the services offered are provided on the Service Web site.
  6. Monitoring data is backed up once a week, or otherwise according to the specific version of the relevant service, while details are always given in the description of the characteristics of each service on the service web. These backups are used to recover data in the event of a failure of the server on which the services are operated.
  7. Customer support is provided for the service only through the Internet Community Forum.
  8. The use of customer support through e-mail communication or by using the Contact Form on the Provider’s website is reserved only for the paid version of the services, to the extent to which they are outlined in the description of individual services. Beyond this framework, only technical supervision and service failures are provided.
  9. The operator is entitled to suspend the service.

Billing and Payments

  1. The services are paid in the form of a subscription according to the current price list, which is published on the Provider’s website.
  2. Upon ordering the service, the Provider will issue an advance payment invoice to the Customer for the first subscription period. Only after payment of this advance invoice will the Provider establish the customer ordered service.
  3. The Provider shall issue to the Customer an advance invoice (call for payment) for a further period of at least 10 days before the expiry of the prepaid period.

Service Variety Changes

  1. The Customer can request a change to another variety of this service via the Contact Form on the Provider’s website. In this application, the Customer must prove his / her login data to the WEDOS customer account. The customer shall indicate in the application the date on which the change is requested. Changes can also be made automatically in service administration.
  2. If it is a transition to a higher service option or the establishment of a surcharge service, the Provider will issue an invoice to the Customer for the difference between the amount to be paid for the extension of the service until the end of the current subscription period. An extended service for the next subscription period will be included in the subsequent down payment invoice.
  3. If it is a change to a lower version of the service or a cancellation of the supplementary service, the Provider does not refund the Customer for the difference from the amount paid for the current subscription period. The price for the service will be reduced on the down payment invoice for the next subscription period.
  4. When the service is terminated, Customer will not be refunded the amount of unused portion of the prepaid period.

Guarantee of Service Availability, Breakdowns and Downtime

  1. The Provider guarantees the availability and functionality of the services offered. If the service is unavailable due to a malfunction of more than 5 minutes in a calendar month, the Customer is entitled to a 1% rebate for each additional hour of unavailability, but not more than a monthly (or monthly subscription) fee for the operation of the service. This discount is provided in the first month of the following subscription period, which has not yet been paid for by the Customer or. by providing an adequate number of days for free. The time of unavailability for which the Customer is compensated according to the second sentence of this paragraph, does not include the system unavailability period during planned outages.

Duration of the Agreement and its Termination

  1. The Contract for the Provision of Paid Services is concluded for a fixed period, unless agreed otherwise by the contracting parties. The duration of the Contract is determined by a written agreement of the parties or by automatically selecting the length of the invoice period by the Customer when ordering the service, in which case the duration of the Agreement is automatically agreed for the same period as one billing cycle. The Contract is renewed in its current wording again with a new billing period for this already existing service.
  2. The Contracting Parties may terminate the contractual relationship by mutual agreement or by unilateral termination. The notice period is one month and starts to run from the day following the delivery of the notice to the other party.
  3. Obtained data is not erased by the Provider but only anonymized and can be used at any time to generate bulk statistics to improve operator service, scientific and marketing (or other similar) purposes.

Special Ts&Cs for Beta Testing

  1. The service is provided in good faith and free of charge and without any compensation for the duration of BETA testing.
  2. If an error is found, the customer reports the problem via the Contact Form or via email.
  3. The Customer may not misuse the errors found in the system, in particular for enrichment or damage to the Provider’s reputation.
  4. The Provider reserves the right to reduce or disable the service and / or monitoring due to maintenance, error correction or technical problems without compensation.
  5. The range of services may be changed and modified at any time during the testing by unilateral intervention from the Provider.
  6. It is prohibited to use the Services for any purpose other than to verify the availability of your own services.
  7. During the beta testing of the WEDOS OnLine service, the Provider is entitled to change the contractual Terms and Conditions with immediate effect. The Provider will notify customers of the changes made in an appropriate manner. Upon completion of beta testing, changes to the Terms and Conditions will be conducted in the normal manner in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). The Customer agrees with the possibility of quick changes occuring to the WO Terms and Conditions during the testing.

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