Cookie Policy

Websites belonging to the WEDOS Group (according to the WEDOS Customer Privacy Policy in accordance with GDPR) use cookies.

What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small amount of data that allows a website to remember your actions and settings. Thus, the next visit is much more productive and simple.

What Cookies Does WEDOS Use?

Cookies can be used for a variety of purposes. WEDOS mainly uses these files for user-friendly customer access and cookies remember:

  • preferred language
  • preferred currency
  • login email
  • filled formulars
  • and other small settings in the Customer Administration

We also use third party cookies for the legitimate interests of WEDOS for the purpose of online advertising and business. These are, in particular:


type: Tracking, Conversion, Re-marketing
duration: 540 days


type: Tracking, Conversion, Re-marketing
duration: 180 days

Google Analytics

type: Tracking, Conversion, Re-marketing
duration: 50 months

Cookies Management

All modern browsers have cookies enabled by default unless otherwise chosen. If cookies are enabled in the browser, this is considered to be an acceptance of cookies. You may limit or block cookies for each website in the browser settings: