Domain Insurance

For domains registered with us, we offer domain insurance with assistance and legal services.

In cooperation with Pojisteni .cz and Slavia pojišt’ovna (Slavia insurance company) we have prepared a new Domain Insurance service for you. This is one of the first digital asset insurance products that anyone can use.

Domain insurance consists of three parts.

1. Domain Insurance in Case of Theft

The first is the domain insurance itself, in case of its theft, which is referred to in the terms and conditions as technical theft of the domain (unauthorized removal of access to the domain from its authorized holder). The amount of the insurance compensation depends on the service plan. We currently offer the Insurance plan with compensation of CZK 1,000,000 and the Insurance EXTRA plan with compensation of CZK 3,000,000.

2. IT Assistance Services

IT assistance services are mainly there for a quick consultation. This is a standard offer of IT assistance services for Slavia pojišt’ovna products, extended to domains. Assistance services are included in both variants (Insurance and Insurance EXTRA).

What IT support services can help you with:

  • The procedure for domain theft, checking the documents and consulting with the registrar.
  • Domain transfer fraud prevention.
  • When your domain has been locked.
  • In the area of ownership emails and authorization of domain changes.
  • During the expiry and renewal of the domain.
  • When your online account is stolen.

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3. Legal Aid Assistance Services

Every successful website sooner or later encounters an attempt to misuse its brand (domain). The solution may not be easy, but a letter written by a lawyer will make many cyber crooks find an easier victim. Slavia pojišt’ovna has added legal assistance services to the Insurance EXTRA product.

We have to admit that they have studied the situation around domains really thoroughly. These are issues that we have to address with our customers on a regular basis.

What legal aid services can help you with:

  • Domain ownership disputes
  • Domain name/trademark misuse
  • Cybersquatting, domain grabbing, typosquatting
  • Domain transfer and sale
  • Succession proceedings in relation to domain possession
  • Seizure, blocking of the domain by decision of state authorities
  • Removal of a domain by law

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The price includes 1 intervention of a maximum of 60 minutes of the IT assistance service or legal assistance service per year.

How Domain Insurance Works

Domain insurance is ordered as an additional service for the domain. However, you do not pay it to us (the reason is strict CNB (Czech National Bank) rules). After the domain registration is completed, you will receive an email with instructions, which includes a link to arrange the insurance with our partner Pojištění.cz.

Domain insurance is taken out immediately after payment and is valid right away. The insurance is valid as long as the domain is with WEDOS (we are the registrar) and if the owner (holder) does not change.

Assistance services are provided on working days from 9:00 to 19:00 (CET) on the basis of a telephone request from the insured person. The current number to call can be found at

In case of domain theft, Slavia insurance company will pay the insurance claim if the domain is not returned within 30 days or within 180 days from the countries outside the EU.

Who Is Behind the Domain Insurance Service

WEDOS Internet, a.s.

The company was founded in 2010 and became the largest hosting company in the Czech Republic in 2013. Since then, its market share has been growing not only in the local market. It currently has over 300,000 customers from 150 countries. WEDOS has two private datacentres in Hluboká nad Vltavou, the second of which is unique in the world because the servers are cooled in an oil bath and the waste heat is further used. In addition to domain registration and hosting services, the company also offers website cyber protection through its worldwide network WEDOS Global., Inc.

A leader in digitalization and innovation of the Czech insurance industry. Since 2007, it has been replacing paper contracts and forms with fully electronic ones. We advocate full digitalization and automation of all processes with emphasis on user privacy, no client who purchases a service from is contacted by phone!. Everything they offer can be conveniently ordered 100% online on their website and the prices you see are always negotiable as well.

Slavia pojišt'ovna a.s.

Slavia pojišt'ovna is a stable, purely Czech insurance company that has achieved over a billion in turnover for several years in a row. Like all other insurance companies, it is supervised by the CNB and has long met all market standards. It has almost the widest range of personal and business insurance products in the market and, given this flexibility, was able to tailor a product for domain holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, you can only insure .cz domains with us.

Only domains registered to persons/companies based in the Czech Republic can be insured.

It is ideal to contact us (the domain registrar) via online chat first. Colleagues will verify the technical status of the domain. Next, they look directly into WHOIS and check the current data. We can also provide and prepare the necessary evidence (logs).

If you suspect that a crime has been committed (your domain has been stolen), you should contact the Police of the Czech Republic.

You should also contact the helpline (the current number can be found at and try to be as cooperative as possible.


The exact definition can always be found in the contract. The insurance company defines domain theft as the technical theft of a domain, which is the unauthorized removal of access to a domain from its rightful holder.

The insurance company shall pay the insurance benefit if the domain is not returned to the insured by the registrar within 30 days of the notification of the insured event. In the case of a domain return from outside the EU, the deadline is extended to 180 days.

In the terms and conditions – in Article 10 Exclusions from insurance, point 3. (d) there is the following text:

3. Pojištění se také nevztahuje na škody vzniklé:

d) v případě, že pojištěný nevykonává odpovídající opatření (např. ověření údajů e-mailem a SMS, uzamčení domény, ověření přes MojeID, blokace změny registrátora) nebo je vykonává nedostatečným způsobem, nebo neposkytne náležitou součinnost kompetentnímu státnímu orgánu v přímé nebo nepřímé souvislosti s pojistnou událostí,

The following is a translation to English:

3. The insurance also does not cover damage caused by:

d) the event that the insured does not take appropriate measures (e.g. verification of data by e-mail and SMS, locking of the domain, verification via MojeID, blocking of registrar changes) or takes them in an insufficient manner, or does not provide appropriate cooperation to the competent state authority in a direct or indirect connection with an insurance event,

Insurance companies must give some examples of how the domain should be secured. This is a list of security features that the insurer will ask about if a claim occurs.

If we were to make a parallel to cars, the contract would say ” The client must have adequate anti-theft security on the vehicle (e.g. mechanical, alarm, passive search, active search, sandblasting of windows.)” If they didn’t have any security, the insurance company might propose to reduce the claim because they simply didn’t exercise safety adequately.

You should definitely keep your domain well secured. Ensure that the phone number and email is up to date. Domains can also be locked against changes, which is another obstacle for an attacker.

IT assistance and legal services are requested via telephone. The current phone number can be found at

If you need any advice or help with the product, please use support. All contracts go through them, they are also in charge of orders, invoicing, etc. They will also answer any other questions you may have about the product.

Slavia pojišt’ovna is obliged by law to pay the insurance compensation if the contractual conditions are met. It is a large and well-known insurance company with billions of turnover and under the supervision of the CNB (Czech National Bank).

If an insurance claim occurs, the value of the domain will be assessed. This may or may not include domain content. It’s the same as if your bike is stolen and you have insurance for 100,000 CZK, but you have ridden it before or it was old. That’s just how traditional insurance works.

You can’t speculate that if you have insurance for a million, you lose your domain, so you automatically get a million CZK. Theoretically, you can get it if you provide evidence that the domain is worth that much. There are already clear rules for this (e-shop turnover for a certain period, etc.). It’s only fair. A newly registered domain with no meaning, composed of twenty random letters, with no content will simply not be worth a million CZK.

Price List

  • Insurance - Domain insurance for 1.000.000 CZK 5,54 €/yearly (50 % DISCOUNT)

    1 000 000 CZK limit, without participation
    + IT assistance - help with PC security and antivirus, fraud prevention, various consulting services

  • Insurance EXTRA + Lawyer - Domain insurance for 3.000.000 CZK 52,08 €/yearly (50 % DISCOUNT)

    CZK 3 000 000 limit, without co-financing
    + IT assistance - help with PC security and antivirus, fraud prevention, various consulting services
    + legal assistance - trademarks, transfer and sale, domain disputes, inheritance proceedings, etc.

The additional service of domain insurance is not subject to VAT, respectively insurance activities are exempt from VAT, according to § 55 of the Czech VAT Act (Regulation No. 235/2004 Coll.)

Domain insurance up to CZK 3 000 000
+ IT & legal assistance
From 5,54 €
per year - Now SAVE 50 %

(If you already have a domain with you can arrange domain insurance in the administration.)


Insure your domain against theft for up to 3 000 000 CZK. Get IT and legal assistance.

(If you already have a domain with you can arrange domain insurance in the administration.)

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