WEDOS Global Protection

For domains registered with us, we now offer WEDOS Global Protection as an add-on service. Need an extra speed boost and a robust cybersecurity protection? Get both!

This offer stands for both already existing domains registered with us, and for newly registered ones. 

You can activate this add-on in the customer administration for existing domains registered with us. For a newly registered domain, there is a section “Add-on Services” in the Domain Order form. 

How can WEDOS Global Protection help your website?

Once you have activated this add-on service for an existing domain or have purchased this service for a newly registered one, you can start enjoying these benefits: 

DDoS Protection

  • We protect your website from cyberattacks and hacker attempts with a robust protection covering three layers: the network (L3) and transport layer (L4), and the application layer (L7). No more slowdowns or outages. We have decades of experience and analyse traffic of hundreds of thousands of customers.
TOP 5 DNS Servers in Europe
  • WEDOS DNS servers, which provide the first response of your website to the user, rank among the TOP 5 in Europe. Using the WEDOS Global infrastructure, you can lower the response time of your website to under 13 milliseconds. 
Increased Loading Speed
  • Your website’s loading speed will improve noticeably. Our global infrastructure covers the entire planet with thousands of servers and several DNS servers ensuring fast loading speed and great user experience all around the globe. With our Anycast technology, the contents of your website will be served to visitors from the nearest Point of Presence. 
Hidden IP Address
  • The IP address of your server will be hidden from attackers by our reverse proxy server. All traffic coming to your website will be desirable. According to customer testimonials, this can save you up to 90% of server performance. 

Better SEO Score

  • Our global caching and your newly boosted website speed will help improve your SEO score. As a consequence, your website will be able to land at better positions in search results, therefore attracting more visitors. A fast and responsive site is also more likely to get better conversion rates. 


This offer applies to all domains in our domain offer. You can purchase this add-on for all TLDs. 

Price List of WGP Add-On

Prices without VAT / with 21% VAT.

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