Register Your .ART Domain

The .ART Domain

The .art domain is rather new. Public registration began on the 10th of May 2017 and yet by the end of 2020, it became the 35th most favorite domain in the world with 99 thousand registrations.

Most .art domains are registered in the USA. This is over 23 %. China is second with 14 %, France is third with 10 %, Germany is fourth with 8 % and the United Kingdom is fifth with 5 %. In general, the .art domain is quite popular amongst European Union countries.

The .art domain presentation

Who is Behind .ART Domains?

There was quite a battle for the .art domain. Ten companies including two that represented global artist communities were interested in it.

In the end, the British company UK Creative Ideas Limited acquired the .art domain. British CentralNic is responsible for the technological aspects. CentralNic is the longest operating domain registry in the world.

Why We Offer .ART Domains

We offer the .art domain since October 2020 as part of our contract with CentralNic. We had been surprised by the interest of our customers. They had been asking specifically about the .art domain so we negotiated with UK Creative Ideas Limited and concluded a favorable contract that ensures advantageous prices for our customers and several joint campaigns.

There is a large number of artists, photographers, and designers among our customers. They have become fond of our shared web hosting NoLimit service because we do not limit space for files and have no bandwidth cap. This means our customers can present in high quality without excessive compression and without worries.

Artists just need space for their creativity and mainstream domains do not offer it anymore. The .art domain brings immense new possibilities for a great price.

Moreover, the .art domain is memorable and the word ‘art’ is known worldwide.

Is the .ART Domain for You?

The word ‘art’ means creative activities, expressions of artists‘ imagination, conceptual ideas, or presentation of skills. Simply anything that can interest people or trigger emotions. You can do it all with an .art domain.

For artists – Whether you need a domain for your personal presentation or you just want to make an exceptional website for your fantastic pieces of work, the .art domain is ideal for you. Unlike with national domains, you will not be bound to any country or region. National domains are also associated with concrete purposes (commercial websites, organizations). This fact does not apply to .art domains as they are purely for art.

For designer studios – If you want a website you need a domain. Even if you manage to get the one you want it has a TLD that will probably not look well on your business cards and designs. But what if your TLD was .art? Could you imagine your logo with an .art domain? Your logo connected with art? How would it look on your logo and business cards?

These are the reasons why designer studios are choosing .art domains for their presentations.

Digital business card – There is a fluctuating trend of transferring content to social networks, especially for individuals and small companies, because it is easier to manage social network account than to look after a website. Content management systems are more complicated and require technical administration and monitoring

There is, however, also an opposite trend. You do not have full control over your content and you cannot fully administrate it on social networks. Your posts can be suppressed and deleted and your account can be completely deleted even without prior warnings and comprehensible reason. There is also a question of who can make use of your content on social networks. Copyrights are not really taken into account on social networks and that is the reason why many people are coming back to websites and just share links to new content on social networks. They can decide on their own what their content will look like and who and how can react to it.

Digital business cards can be a good compromise. They include necessary contacts similarly to classic business cards. Moreover, contacts are in the form of links so if people find your website via a search engine they can easily get to your social network accounts. You can update information on your website any time and you also get a functional e-mail with your domain, which is essential nowadays.

You can make digital business cards on our WEDOS WebSite. By the way, the first year of  registration of an .art domain is free with it.

For those that do more than computer graphics – Computer graphics are everywhere nowadays and many talented artists and programmers can connect it via virtual or augmented reality with our world.

Machine learning is becoming more common in computer graphics. It can make a picture out of a plain canvas, colorize old photos, edit more than a hundred years old movie or compose music.

Behind all of this, there are people that want to push the boundaries further and differentiate themselves. Maybe that is the reason why they do not choose standard domains. We often see their projects on .io (programs), .ai (artificial intelligence), or in the last years .tech (technology). If you focus on computer graphics that surpass boundaries, join them and choose .art.

UK Creative Ideas Ltd. has been trying to connect the world of art and technology for a long time. It is also known for supporting various crypto communities and projects. The term CryptoArt has been with us for years. For example, the well-known photographer Mario Testino presented his four photographs as NFTs on the domain, which he auctioned through the MakersPlace NFT auction.

At the end of 2022, the project was launched, which allows you to mint your .art domain as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. This will also make it available on ENS (Ethereum Name Service), which is an alternative DNS using blockchain. Your domain will be paired with your ethereum wallet and you can send your domain art to customers instead of your wallet hash 🙂

How to Mint ENS From DNS With WEDOS

For mint ENS, first verify domain ownership via DNS:

  1. In the customer administration, add a new record in the DNS domain records.
  2. Fill-in:
    • Name: _ENS
    • Type: TXT
    • Data: (Address of your Ethereum wallet)
  3. Save the record and wait at least one hour for it to be written.

[ Add a DNS Record]

How to add a _ENS record to DNS WEDOS.

Proceed to and login to your wallet (Connect Wallet button in the upper right corner). Enter your domain registered with WEDOS in the form.

Attention, there is a fee for connecting the wallet! First, you pay a variable fee for the NFT mint, as well as a fee for the service itself. The usual price is in the higher tens of USD!

Once you have completed connecting your wallet to, you can assign your primary wallet address to your domain. You can then send your .art domain instead of a complex hexadecimal wallet address.

Not only for crypto community artists.

.ART Domain Characteristics

1 - 10 years
registration - first year
3,60 €/year
4,36 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
24 €/year
29,04 €/year with VAT

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