Register a .DESIGN Domain

The .DESIGN Domain

The public registrations of the .design domain were launched on the 12th of May 2015. The registrar Top Level Design, who is behind .design domains knew from the very beginning about demand from the target customers so they set the price quite high and they did not make an aggressive marketing campaign. Thanks to this, the number of .design domains grows steadily.  

Currently, more than 120 thousand .design domains are registered. More than 50 % of registrations are from the USA. It is also favoured in China (8,5 %), Germany (7,2%), and the UK (5,3%).

Who is Behind .DESIGN Domains

A total of seven companies wished to acquire the .design domain. It was eventually acquired by Top Level Design in a private auction. Top Level Design is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. Its other well-known domain endings include .wiki, .ink, .design and .gay. You can buy them all here 🙂 

British CentralNic is responsible for the technological aspects. CentralNic is the oldest operator of domain registries in the world.

Why We Offer .DESIGN Domains

We offer .design domains from October 2020 thanks to a contract with CentralNic. We have never promoted it because it is quite expensive. This domain just finds its target audience. 

Despite zero promotion, mainly professionals and businesses started to register .design domains. In comparison to other TLDs, this ending was not as common, but after a few months the total count of .design domains already started to become interesting. The most important part is that our customers created long-term content on their websites. 

When Top Level Design offered us an extension of cooperation and we analyzed our business and technical data, we decided to go for it.

Is a .DESIGN domain good for you?

Who buys the .design domain the most? 

Web Studios

Professional web studios often have to differentiate themselves and show they can create unique graphics. You can use a .design domains and stand out like thousands of others all over the world. 

Interior Design Studios

There are a lot of companies that focus on the design of interiors. Everyone wants to have a nice home and attractive company space to interest potential customers. Professional interior designers can do unbelievable things with the space that we live in. So why not present yourself with a domain that is intended for you. In comparison to traditional TLDs, .design domains have plenty of available words. On top of that, you will show  everyone that your strength is design. 

Graphic Designers 

The best graphic designers and artists all over the world have already been using new TLDs as they let them present themselves their way. They do not want to be tied by national TLDs or to be limited by old generic domains. It is not a new trend. Before new TLDs, they used exotic countries‘ domains. They do not have to do so anymore as they can choose plenty of domains that describe their work and .design is one of them. 

Producers of Luxury Goods

If you produce luxury goods you also try to sell the brand and some unique features. That can be for example design. That is why .design domains are used by for example custom jewelers or custom joiners. 

Part of a Brand

The .design domain might seem too long, but the moment it becomes part of your  brand, you will save useless letters in your domain that tell your target audience absolutely nothing. If your company uses the word design then this domain is ideal for you. Moreover, it looks really good in your logos, business cards and e-mails.

Digital Business Card

The .design domain is very popular as a digital business card. If you have a website with just contact information because you prefer to communicate with your customers via social networks, then the .design domain is ideal for you. You can use it with our drag-and-drop web builder WEDOS WebSite and create your digital business card with a contact form in few minutes. 

.DESIGN Domain Characteristics

1-10 years
Registration for the First Year
42 €/year
50,82 €/year with VAT
Renewal / Transfer
42 €/year
50,82 €/year with VAT
Get better performance, stability and quality! Ideal for WordPress, Joomla, online shops...

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