Register Your .MONSTER Domain


It is one of the most recent new domain suffixes of the new generic domains (nTLDs).

As of February 2024, there is a total of registered .monster domains of over 86,000 which makes for almost a quarter of a percent of the total registered domains. It is currently the 4th most registered domain according to the statistics of the official registrar XYZ. Since the public launch, the total number of registrations for this domain suffix is 122,935 (11 March 2024).

WEDOS ranks among the TOP 25 registrars for this domain type.

Registration of .monster domains started being publicly available on 1 April 2019.

Who is behind .MONSTER domains

CentralNic is responsible for the technological background behind this domain suffix. It is the longest operating domain registry in the world, operating – apart from other domain types – the domain suffix .SK. 

The official registrar for the domain suffix .monster is XYZ.COM LLC. Formerly, up to 2014, this new generic domain type represented the company as a company-specific domain suffix. Though Monster Cables Inc. was also interested in this domain suffix, the company gave up its rights to use it with their registration withdrawal. 

WEDOS is a direct registrar of this domain type. We communicate directly with CentralNic. There is no intermediary. All potential problems therefore can be solved directly, wherever they may arise. We are an accredited ICANN registrar.   

Why we offer .MONSTER domains

Apart from the popular new generic domain suffixes (nTLDs), we wanted to also offer the most possible words. 

There is no telling what awaits us in the future of domain usage and which trends will emerge.

It may become the case that search engines eliminate the differences between the individual Top Level Domain types. That would precisely be the rise of new generic domain suffixes which would make your domain stand out among the traditional domain types.

We want to be prepared for this too.

Is domain .MONSTER for you?

The CEO of XYZ Negari labeled the new generic domain suffix .monster as a “wacky and creative” alternative for users who want to show that they are “beasts at what they do”. From all of the new domain suffixes, this one is the most open for interpretation, as its target owner hasn’t been identified, which is the case for all of the other nTLDs. 

The ideal prototype of an owner of the .monster domain suffix would be almost certainly the British political party The Official Monster Raving Loony Party which was founded in 1982 and is still in operation. The party was established by David Sutch, the so-called “Screaming Lord Sutch”. Since its establishment, the party is drawing public attention as it exists primarily as a form of political protest to satirise the traditional parties and the political system. The party’s slogan is “Vote for Insanity”.

The new generic domain suffix .monster is used for example by developers who use it to present their projects online (mainly projects concerning AI and innovation in new technologies). It is also used by artists for the online presentation of their portfolios or by podcast creators. There is also a few examples of cases using the .monster domain suffix for several events, including weddings. It all depends on the specific context and the creativity of the owner.

There is truly no limit to imagination when it comes to this domain suffix. If you are creative enough, you can utilise it to do wonders.

Domain .MONSTER characteristics

1-10 years
registration - first year
1,99 €/year
2,41 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
12 €/year
14,52 €/year with VAT