Premium Domains

Every domain registry determines part of their domains as premium ones. These domains are then sold for higher prices than common domains. The registration fee can even be as much as a thousand times higher for interesting premium domains. 

Premium domains can, in some cases, be blocked for purchase so they can be offered at an auction where the highest bid wins. The goal of registries is to raise awareness of these domains (auctions are often talked about inside communities in advance) and approach more domain investors at the same time. 

Registries can determine that any unregistered domain as a premium one. In the same way, if an interesting domain expires, the registry can mark it after deletion as a premium one. 

How are premium domain prices determined

Prices are set by registries and they can differ from TLD to TLD a lot. Some registries just set fixed prices for domains and some registers divide domains into different price categories. 

Does the higher price also apply to domain renewal?

The raised price may or may not apply to domain renewal. We highly recommend you read the terms of a contract and find out all important information at a domain registry if you want to buy a premium domain.

Does WEDOS offer premium domains?

We do not offer premium domains and we do not plan to offer them in the future, because our system is almost completely automatic. If we noticed demand for premium domains from our customers, we would look for a solution to implement premium domains to our system.

Domains that are premium are blocked by our system.

Is it possible to transfer premium domains to WEDOS?

Sadly it is not. The situation with transfers is the same as with registrations.


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