Premium Domains

Each domain registry can set aside a portion of domains that they mark as premium. They can then sell these domains to potential buyers at a higher price than the normal registration fee. For really interesting domains, the price can increase even a thousandfold.

In some cases, premium domains are blocked and auctioned in bulk on large auction portals where the highest bidder decides. In these cases, registries often aim to raise awareness of the domain (auctions are often discussed in advance in communities) and reach a larger number of domain investors at once.

The registry can also mark any unregistered domain as premium. In the same way, for example, if an interesting domain expires, after deletion, the registry can mark it as premium and sell it at a higher price.

How Is the Price of a Premium Domain Determined?

The prices are determined by the registry itself and can vary greatly from terminal to terminal. Some simply give individual domains a price, others divide them into categories and assign prices to those.

Does the Higher Price Also Apply to Renewals?

The higher price may or may not also apply to domain renewals. If you want to buy a premium domain, we strongly recommend that you read the terms and conditions and find all the necessary information at the domain registrar.

Does WEDOS Offer Premium Domains?

We currently do not offer them and have no plans to. In order for everything to work properly, we would have to include the concept of premium domains in our system, which is almost completely automated. In addition, most premium domains are English words, so we are not that interested in them. Of course, if we encountered more demand from our customers, we would start to address it.

Domains that are premium are marked by our system as “blocked”.

Is It Possible to Transfer Premium Domains to WEDOS?

Unfortunately, no. The transfer of premium domains is similar to their registration.

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