Register Your .SITE Domain

The .SITE Domain

The .site domain is the fifth most popular domain in the world. There are 1,7 million registered .site domains (as of December 2020). Most .site domains are registered in China (37%), but the domain is also popular in the US (20 %) and Russia (9%). In the Czech Republic, the .site domain ranks eighth in the popularity rankings.

To the public, the registration of the .site domain was launched on the 15th of July 2015.

Who is Behind .SITE Domains

Five companies were interested in running the domain – Google, Donuts, Top Level Domain Holdings, Interlink, and Dotsite Inc (a subsidiary of Radix FZC). In the end, the Radix won it in the private auction.

The British company Central Nic, which is the longest-running operator of domain registries in the world, is in charge of the technical background. CentralNic, for example, also takes care of the .sk domain.

The WEDOS company is a direct registrar. We send all requests directly to CentralNic. There is no mediator between us. We have a contract with both CentralNic and Radix FZC. We are able to solve any potential problems very quickly and right where it is needed.

Why We Offer .SITE Domains

We wanted the .site domain mainly for our English speaking customers. The word ‘site’ has a lot of meanings in English. In addition, the domain is short and easy to remember. We were pleasantly surprised by the interest among Czech and Slovak customers. Customers registered over a thousand .site domains during the first three months from the start of registration of new domain suffixes.

The domain belongs to the Radix company, with whom we negotiated for a long time because of the .online domain. We managed to negotiate very favorable conditions, that also apply to the .site domain. Thanks to this, we can offer the domain for such an unbeatable price.

Is the .SITE Domain for You?

The English word „site“ has many meanings. Also, it is widely used in colloquial speech, especially on social media, and refers to website. The word website is a bit long, so the abbreviation site is often used and appears even in more professional texts. Especially when it comes to quotes.

A Universal Domain – If we look at more than 120,000 active websites from more than 180 countries that run on a .site domain, we find out that everyone uses it in their own way. It has no clear specific use, in contrast the .store, .space or .tech domains. It serves as a universal domain. There are e-shops, personal and company presentations, communities, magazines, blogs, online applications – everything.

With a .site domain, you get your own place on the internet. It is not related to any country, idea, or topic. It is neutral and universal. This is the biggest strength of this domain suffix.

The site as „sítě“ – We can find a special use for the .site domain on the Czech market. If you add diacritics to the word site, you get the word „sítě“, which means „net“ in Czech. So it could be the Czech alternative for one of the most well-known generic .net domains, whose original purpose was for internet service and connectivity providers.

So why not take advantage of it? If you provide internet services or connectivity and need a website for a company presentation or an advertising campaign, then the .site domain is here for you 🙂

On the English market, for example, companies that offer the sale of building sites can use the .site domain.

.SITE Domain Characteristics

1 - 10 years
registration - first year
1,30 €/year
1,57 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
30 €/year
36,30 €/year with VAT

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