Register a .SPACE Domain

The .SPACE Domain

The .space domain is well known around the world. It is the 20th most popular new generic TLD. 

Over 400 thousand .space domains are registered in the whole world. They are most common in the US. The United States have a 20% share of .space domains, China is second with 15 %, Ukraine is third with 14 % and Russia is fourth with an 11 % share.  

Registration of .space domains launched in January 2015.

Who is Behind .SPACE Domains

DotSpace Inc. which is a subsidiary company of Radix FZC, is the operator of .space domains. CentralNic is responsible for the technological aspects. CentralNic is the longest-operating domain registrar in the world and it also looks after the .SK domain. 

Why We Offer .SPACE Domains

We wanted to offer the .space domain to our customers, because it is one of the most popular domains worldwide. 

The .SPACE domain is operated by Radix. We have negotiated with them about the .ONLINE domain and we have managed to arrange very favourable prices that also apply to the .SPACE domain. Thanks to this, we can offer these domains for unrivaled prices in the first year

What Projects is the .SPACE Domain Good for

The word ‚space‘ has a lot of meanings and can be good for a wide range of projects.

Webs Associated with the Universe – If you plan to publish webs focused on the universe, the .space domain is ideal for you.  

Virtual Space for Your Online Apps – Sometimes you need space for your internet projects. It can be a virtual board where tens of people scribble simultaneously, place to post virtual posters (pixels) or online battlefield in an online game. The .space domain is sutiable for all of this and more. 

It does not matter if you plan to do open a source project, demonstration of your skills or commercial project. Everyone uses the .space domain. 

Webs Focused on SCI-FI – The internet has always attracted people that like SCI-FI and it is difficult to find a suitable domain for this awesome genre. Luckily, we offer the .space domain which can refer to infinity of space or to space for your imagination. 

Domain for Virtual Data Warehouses – Virtual data warehouses make up the majority of .space most visited websites. The .space domain is becoming the favourite for data warehouses. New projects and well established companies use this domain to store files. 

Space for Communities – Who does not know the legendary social network MySpace which was created in 2003. It did not break through as much as Facebook, but it was one of the first successful social networks and it made the word space relate to place for individuals and to connecting with community. 

You can also do this with your .space domain. You can share your personal blog with a community, manage community forums, or your own social network. There is a humongous number of open source solutions for every problem. Just pick your .space domain and web hosting service or WMS and install what you want. 

The .SPACE Domain Characteristics

1-10 years
The Registration for the First Year
1,30 €/year
1,57 €/with VAT
Renewal / Transfer
18 €/year
21,78 €/with VAT

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