Luxurious domain certificate for your office
A valid document with an air of exclusivity.

Physical certificate of domain ownership

A legal confirmation of domain ownership on unique security paper with a 2D hologram, signed by Josef Grill, the owner of WEDOS Internet, a.s.

A luxurious certificate for your wall and table, for your office and shop

We will deliver the certificate to you within one month of ordering and payment. In addition to the certificate, you will also receive a stylish stand free of charge.

Unique offer!
83 €
without VAT
100,43 € with VAT

Confirmation of domain ownership

Certificate of domain ownership on a special security paper (same as used for stocks and bonds) with a special registered number which is impossible to repeat.

Legal document

A valid document with a touch of exclusivity to prove officially the domain name ownership in a visually appealing way.

Beautiful decoration

The certificate will serve as a perfect decoration for your office or shop. The luxurious design will give the premises a representative appearance and increase the credibility of the business.

Original gift

A special gift for owners of all types of websites – private, corporate, blogs and e-shops. Delight your loved ones with a certificate that has both a practical and a decorative purpose.

Prolongation reminder

The physical certificate is always visible and will easily remind you to prolong your domain.

Ideal for collectors

Expand your collection of certificates and diplomas! The unique  series number makes the certificate a unique object that cannot be copied. For collectors this is an extraordinary opportunity.

Order a physical certificate of domain ownership

New domain – choose a certificate as an additional service.

Existing domain – activate your certificate in the client administration.

Why should you be interested in a physical certificate of domain ownership?

A domain certificate can perform several interesting functions. Here you can find the main reasons to have your own unique certificate made for your unique domain. Within one month of ordering, we will prepare it, print it and deliver it to your address.

Order a physical certificate of domain ownership

New domain – choose a certificate as an additional service.

Existing domain – activate your certificate in the client administration.

Do you have a beautiful domain? Have a beatiful certificate of domain ownership!

Do you need help?

Our customer support is made up of people that enjoy IT. We will provide you with information about services, or help with ordering and controlling the service through customer administration. We can help you with domain changes, with DNS record editing and billing issues.

Before you contact us, take a look at our Knowledge Base, where most questions and issues are addressed.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through e-mail or our contact form. The response time is instantaneous for normal technical queries and takes about 2 hours in the case of more complex problems.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This is an additional service for domains registered with us. After activating it, you can receive a certificate that will be printed on special security paper and will contain the signature of the owner of WEDOS Internet, a.s. After your order is completed, we will deliver your certificate to the address you specified.

It will take up to 1 month for us to prepare the certificate for you, print it and sent to your address via Czech Post (parcel delivery to hand).

A physical certificate confirms the domain’s status in the registry at the current date and time. This information is permanent. Even if in 10 years this domain belongs to another person, the certificate confirms that you were the owner at the time the certificate was generated.

For the moment you can order it for all the domains that we offer. You can do this in the client administration.

For subdomains, we do not register the owner and have no way to verify him. Our certificate system works with WHOIS, where  subdomains are not registered.

Even taking into account the conditions of the registry and the functioning of the domains, this would have been quite difficult.

The physical certificate contains the following information of the date od issue:

  • Domain Name
  • Owner (Holder)
  • Address of the owner
  • Registration date of the domain
  • Expiration date of the domain
  • Registrator
  • Certificate issue date

Thus, the certificate is suitable for any authority that asks you for any of this information.

Order a physical certificate of domain ownership

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