Register a .WEBSITE Domain

The .WEBSITE Domain

The .website domain is the 17th most popular new TLD in the world. There were over 350 thousand .website domains registered by the end of 2020. They are very popular in the USA (30 % of the global market), Cayman Islands (9 %), Russia (8 %), and China (7 %). 

Registration of .website domains started on the 17th of September 2014.

Who is Behind .WEBSITE Domains

Three companies were interested in the .website domain – Top Level Domain Holdings, Donuts, and Radix.  In the end, Radix acquired it in a private auction despite the Samoan representative’s objections. Representatives of Samoa were concerned that their domain .ws could lose its popularity because .ws is unofficially called „website“ for short.  

CentralNic is responsible for the technological background. CentralNic is the oldest operator of domain registries in the world. 

WEDOS is a first-hand registrar. We communicate directly with CentralNic. There is no middleman. We have contracts both with CentralNic and Radix so we can deal with any potential problems fast. 

Why We Offer .WEBSITE Domains

We wanted to offer the most possible domain words. Nobody knows what trends await us in the future and what domains will be used. It is possible that search engines will not recognize differences between TLDs. Then domains like .website will shine on your business cards and company logos while traditional domains will be only a meaningless string of letters. We do not know if this situation will happen, however, we wanted to be ready for it and offer the most possible domain words. 

The .website domain is operated by Radox. We have negotiated with them about the .online domain and we have managed to arrange very favorable prices that also apply to the .website domain. Thanks to this agreement we can offer these domains for unrivaled prices in the first year. 

Is the .WEBSITE domain for you?

A website is a collection of webpages and other related content identified by a common domain name. Website is a word that everybody who uses the internet knows. We have also named our new web builder WEDOS WebSite and you can find it on the domain 

Simple Websites for Everybody  – The .website domain’s slogan is „Keep it simple“. Whether you chose or or it is clear that your web pages are located on the domain – not an e-shop, forum or price comparison engine. Just a simple web presentation. Nothing more and nothing less. 

Domain Hack – The term „domain hack“ is used for creating a word out of a domain, TLD and a subdomain. The most known domain hack was service 

Other well-known domain hacks are for example and (Google URL shorteners) or (a website about cryptography).

A domain hack is not only for geeks. New TLDs are made to not only look good online, but to also become part of your logo. If you choose an appropriate font and number of letters, .website can become part of your brand. 

It is very clear what is located on,,, or 

Let your imagination run wild. If you are creative, you can make any website you like. 

The .WEBSITE Domain Characteristics

1-10 years
The Registration for the First Year
1,30 €/year
1,57 €/year with VAT
Renewal / Transfer
18 €/year
21,78 €/year with VAT

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