Register Your .WEBSITE Domain

The .WEBSITE Domain

Of the new domain suffixes, the .website domain is the 17th most popular in the world. By the end of 2020, over 350,000 .website domains had been registered. It is very popular in the USA, where local contacts hold 30% of all .website domains, as well as in the Cayman Islands (9%), Russia (8%) and China (7%). It ranks 10th in popularity in the Czech Republic.

Registration of .website domains opened to the public on September 17, 2014.

Who Is Behind the .WEBSITE Domain?

A total of three companies were interested in the .website domain – Top Level Domain Holdings, Donuts and Radix. In the end, it was acquired in a private auction by the company Radix, despite the objections of representatives of the government of the island of Samoa, who did not like the fact that interest in their .ws domain could decrease. Since 1999, this has been unofficially referred to as an abbreviation for “website”.

The technological background is under the charge of the British company CentralNic, which is the longest operating operator of domain registries in the world. For example, it also takes care of the Slovak domain .SK.

WEDOS is a direct registrar. We send all requests directly to CentralNic. There is no intermediary between us. We have a contract with both CentralNic and Radix. We are able to solve any possible problems directly where it is needed and quickly.

Why We Offer the .WEBSITE Domain

In addition to the popular new domain suffixes, we also wanted to have as many words as possible available. No one knows what trends await us in the future and how domains will be used. There may come a time when search engines will completely erase the differences between individual first-order domains. Then, domains such as .website will stand out on business cards or company logos, while traditional domain extensions will just be a meaningless string. We don’t know if that time will come, but we wanted to be ready for it, so we’re trying to add as many words as possible to the offer.

The domain also falls under the Radix company, with whom we have been dealing for a very long time for the .online domain. We managed to agree on very favorable terms, which ultimately also apply to the .website domain. Thanks to this, we can offer it for the first year at such an unbeatable price.

Is the .WEBSITE Right for You?

The .website domain is intended mainly for English-speaking users, but the word website is not so unknown in Czech either. Virtually everyone who has been on the Internet for some time now has come across it.. That’s why we also chose it for our WEDOS WebSite website creation system, which you can find on the domain.

A simple website for everyone – the motto of .website is “Keep it simple”. Whether you choose the name, or, it is clear that your website is located on the domain, not an e-shop, discussion forum or comparison tool. Just a simple web presentation that has everything you need and nothing more.

Domain hack – The term “domain hack” is used to refer to a word that is created from a domain, a domain extension, and possibly a subdomain. The world’s most famous domain hack was the service, which created the English word delicious from the del subdomain, the icio domain and the .us suffix.

Other well-known domain hacks are, for example, and (Google link shorteners), (cryptography website) or the Czech service

Domain hacks are not only for IT enthusiasts. New domain extensions can be used not only online, but also as part of a logo. By choosing the right font and number of letters, .website can become a very successful part of your brand.

Everyone will know what to find on,,, or

There are no limits to the imagination. If you are creative, you can do wonders with new domain extensions.

.WEBSITE Domain Characteristics

1 - 10 years
registration - first year
1,30 €/year
1,57 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
624 Kč/year
755,04 Kč/year with VAT

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