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The .XYZ Domain

Who Is Behind the .XYZ Domain?

The domain is owned by the company XYZ.COM LLC., which was the only one interested in it. That’s also why they got it and launched it so quickly. In marketing, they refer to it as the Generation XYZ domain, meaning that it will combine content for Generation X, Y and Z. XYZ.COM is mainly known for its creative marketing events, which we are happy to participate in.

The technological background is taken care of by the British company CentralNic, which is the longest-running operator of domain registries in the world. For example, it also takes care of the Slovak domain .SK.

WEDOS is a direct registrar. We send all requests directly to CentralNic. There is no intermediary between us. We have a contract with both CentralNic and XYZ.COM. We are able to solve any possible problems directly and quickly.

Why We Offer the .XYZ Domain

The .XYZ domain was one of the first. Especially foreign advertising campaigns, associated with the launch of new domain endings, affected each of us at least marginally. In 2014, there weren’t many new domain extensions to choose from, so our first choice fell on .XYZ, which was also supported and still trusted by Google – it is used for its parent company Alphabet (

Many of our customers had the .XYZ domain registered elsewhere for many years, but they had their hosting services with us. We wanted to accommodate them and thus enable our customers to have everything under one roof, with an ICANN accredited registrar and at better prices 😉

Plus, XYZ.COM LLC likes aggressive marketing, just like us. We agreed very quickly on a number of joint promotional events. You definitely have something to look forward to.

Celebrate over a decade of innovation with .xyz.

Is the .XYZ Domain Right for You?

The .XYZ domain was created as a revolution that wanted to challenge the current uncompromising market leader, the .com domain. XYZ.COM LLC has it really well thought out. You don’t have to worry about misspelled domains, for example, because typos like will automatically be redirected to The target group for the .XYZ domain became mainly young people.

The go-to domain ending for the next generation of internet users.

.xyz is for every website, everywhere

.XYZ isn’t just a domain — it’s a declaration of independence for the next generation of internet users. Launched over ten years ago, .xyz has become a beacon of innovation and boldness in the digital world. .XYZ is a bold, fresh choice for users who crave creativity and versatility in a domain name. Perfect for visionaries and creators, a .xyz domain is short, memorable, and universally recognizable, offering you a platform to launch your revolutionary ideas.

.XYZ is the domain that hit the reset button on the internet. Since its launch in 2014, .xyz has been the domain of choice for pioneers of all generations. As .xyz celebrates over 10 years of relentless innovation, the universal and uniquely adaptable domain continues to empower millions across the globe, resonating as a symbol of progress and possibility.

It’s instinctive. It’s natural. It makes sense.

Whether you’re launching a fresh startup, showcasing your portfolio, or building an online community, .xyz offers a versatile and memorable platform that adapts to your vision. A .xyz domain stands for limitless possibilities:

  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Position your next business idea at the forefront of the digital space with a .xyz domain. Perfect for tech startups, creative agencies, e-commerce stores, and small businesses looking to make a bold statement.
  • Personal Branding: Establish a unique online presence with Ideal for professionals, artists, and influencers aiming to differentiate themselves and connect with a global audience.
  • Educational Projects: Share your knowledge and skills through tutorials, courses, or a dedicated learning hub. .XYZ is an excellent choice for educators and institutions seeking to expand their reach.
  • Community Building: Create a gathering space for like-minded individuals with a .xyz domain that serves as the hub for community interactions, support networks, or enthusiast groups.
  • Event Promotion: Announce and manage your events, from tech conferences to artistic performances, using a memorable .xyz domain that captures attention.
  • Innovative Projects: Launch your newest tech application, design project, or experimental venture under a .xyz domain that embodies the spirit of innovation and modernity.
A bold, fresh choice for users who crave creativity and versatility in a domain name.
Adopted in over 230 countries and by countless influencers and trailblazers, .xyz is the domain where great ideas stand out. From cutting-edge startups to global corporations, and from creative individuals to tech innovators, .xyz is the go-to domain ending for diverse, dynamic communities.
Get the domain you’ve always wanted!
Take your first step towards building a distinctive online presence with .xyz. Connecting you to a community of forward-thinking individuals who are shaping the future, .xyz is the domain where great ideas stand out. Whether it’s your professional blog, a new business venture, or your personal portfolio, .xyz is what YOU make it.
Open your universe
In Chinese, one meaning of XYZ is “小宇宙” (little universe) — capturing the essence of .xyz — a short domain with infinite possibilities. If you’re looking for a sign to start your digital journey or to expand your existing presence, .xyz is bringing choice, accessibility, and innovation to the internet.
Join #GenXYZ, the .xyz community
#GenXYZ is the global .xyz community inspired by the Internet and its limitless potential. As .xyz marks over ten years of bringing people and ideas together, the #GenXYZ community continues to grow. Don’t miss out on joining a vibrant network of innovators and creators. Register your .xyz domain today and be part of a global movement!

.XYZ Domain Characteristics

1 - 10 years
registration - first year
1,99 €/year
2,41 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
12 €/year
14,52 €/year with VAT

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