Register Your .STORE Domain

The .STORE Domain

The .store domain is the 4th most popular domain in the Czech Republic. There are more than half a million .store domains registered worldwide. Most are in China (32%) and the USA (21%). Other countries hold only percentage units. Its popularity in the Netherlands, France, Ukraine and India has been growing rapidly in recent months. Registration of the .store domain was launched for the public on June 14, 2016.

Who is Behind the .STORE Domain

The .store domain was one of the most lucrative new domains, so Google, Amazon and 5 other companies were also interested in it. It was eventually acquired by DotStore Inc. – one of the subsidiaries of Radix FZC.

The British company CentralNic, which is the longest-running domain registrar operator in the world, is in charge of the technological background. CentralNic, for example, also takes care of the Slovak domain .SK.

WEDOS is a direct registrar. We send all requests directly to CentralNic. There is no mediator between us. We also have a contract with Radix FZC. We are able to solve any potential problems immediately and quickly.

Why Do We Offer .STORE?

From the very beginning, we wanted to include the .store domain in our offer of new domain suffixes. A large number of our customers of the NoLimit and WMS services operate an e-shop. In addition, Czechs understand the word store and understand its meaning.

Due to the popularity of e-shops among Czechs, the .cz domain space is already very exhausted, as are .eu and .com domain spaces. The .store domain thus offers new opportunities to start exactly the brand you want.

The domain belongs to Radix, with whom we negotiated for a very long time because of the .online domain. We managed to agree on very advantageous conditions, which ultimately apply to the .store domain. Thanks to this, we can offer it at such an unbeatable price for the first year.

What Site Is the .STORE Domain Suitable for?

We know the English word store mainly as a store or shop. In the Czech Republic, it has been pushed for many years by the big brands Microsoft or Apple as a place where you can download and buy new software for their operating systems (Microsoft Store, Mac / iOS App Store). E-Shop Domain – DoStore Inc. itself declares that its domain is a New-Age Retail domain – so the domain for new-age retailers. It is used by stores from more than 175 countries around the world, including major brands from the prestigious Fortune 500. If you are considering an e-shop, you have probably already found that finding a suitable available .cz domain is not so easy and you will have to limit yourself a lot at the expense of the competition. But why not stop limiting yourself and choose a domain that is destined for shops from the beginning? Choose exactly the domain you want and let .store become part of your brand. Brand Domain – Every store should have its profile on the internet so that customers can easily find you or contact you. Customers prefer smaller, modern, often one-page presentations, which you can very easily make in our WEDOS WebSite builder completely free of charge. For Artists Who Want to Sell – If you are creating unique things that interest you, then you need to let potential buyers know they are for sale. The .store domain is popular with artists for presenting their work. Unlike large established domains, .store is associated more with small specialty stores and handicrafts. Startups That Produce Something Unique – The .store domain is ideal for startups that create something specific or characteristic that you can hardly buy in large stores. These can be fashion or designer furniture, but it’s definitely not a rule. The Internet is still getting familiar with the .store domain, but people who already know the .store domain often expect something unique from it. If you have the opportunity to offer something like this, .store is ideal for you.

.STORE Domain Characteristics

1 - 10 years
registration - first year
2,10 €/year
2,54 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
48 €/year
58,08 €/year with VAT

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