About Us

WEDOS was founded in 2010 and  became the largest web host provider in Czechia within 31 months. We have our own private data center, that holds only our servers and technologies. The second data center, where the servers will be cooled in an oil bath, is being built. We are not afraid to invest in technology, innovation and research so that we can provide services to the widest possible public. At the same time, thanks to this, we have managed to keep very favorable prices of hosting services for a long time and respond to current market demands.

WEDOS DC 1 "Bunkr"

Our first data center, where WEDOS was created in 2010. The original building served as a civil defense cover due to its strategic location. Between 2018 and 2020, the data center went through modernization. We invested 20 million CZK in it. We purchased a new transformer station, two generators, increased freecooling, cooling, the entire power grid, and created two independent and completely separate branches of connectivity and electricity.

The data center is connected to the Internet by three independent routes from two different vendors of 3 × 100 Gbps. Each rack runs at least 2 × 10 Gbps. HPE Moonshot server enclosures are connected 4x 20 Gbps.

There are always at least two people in the building. Key workers live directly in Hluboká nad Vltavou, or within 5 minutes of travel. We have two of our own electricians with experience in building and data center maintaining.

WEDOS DC 2 "Podskalí"

We have been building the second data center since 2014. It is a unique project where the servers will be cooled using an oil bath and water cooling. It will be the first commercial data center to deploy this technology for up to 10,000 physical servers. They produce so much heat that we will be able to heat a nearby city pool with it even in winter.

In 2017, we applied for the highest prestigious TIER IV Operational Sustainability certification for the data center. It is sometimes referred to as Golden TIER and only 9 data centers in the world hold it. We believe we will be the tenth!

The whole data center (including infrastructure) is built with respect to TIER IV. The demands are really challenging, in some cases extreme. For example, there will be 5 generator sets designed for continuous operation, and all infrastructure will be separated by barriers certified to burn for at least 90 minutes.

WEDOS DC 3 "Kravín"

In our first data center „Bunkr“ we will eventually run out of space. The second data center „Podskalí“ is designed exclusively for oil-cooled servers, which is not compatible with disk storage.

So we bought a plot of land for another data center, or it will be a complex, where we will gradually build 2 relatively large two-storey data centers, 2 office buildings, and a warehouse. The necessary permits are currently being processed. At the same time, we dig our own optical routes. DC3 will also have connectivity from 2 different vendors and all other common technical solutions for modern data centers.

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The company was founded in 2010. The entire process of building a data center and launching services took the form of a „reality show“. In this way, interested parties were able to see how the spaces were being prepared, how cooling was built or the placing of the servers themselves.

From the beginning, we focused on choosing the hardware (eco-efficient Intel XEON processors). All installations are made to minimize power consumption. Our whole system is built on so-called greenfield and we tried to fully automate it.

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