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Domain .ONLINE

A .online domain is the most popular of the new domain suffixes (new gTLD) in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. It is fifth worldwide (as of October 2020). Most .online domains are registered in the US, more than one-fifth. However, it also has a strong presence in the countries of the European Union, especially in the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Who is behind .online domains

The operator is DotOnline Inc., one of Radix‘s subsidiaries. British company CentralNic is in charge of the technical background, which is the longest-running operator of domain registries in the world. For example, CentralNic also takes care of a .sk domain.

When ICAAN announced the program of new domain suffixes, there was quite a lot of interest in a .online domain. Out of six candidates, Radix won it in a private auction.

Why we offer .online domains

When we were choosing the new domain suffixes, that would have been appropriate for the Czech market, the .online domain was one of the best. The word online is understood by the general public, the price is reasonable and reputable companies stand by this word. We bypassed the intermediaries and negotiated with Radix directly. It was a long and demanding negotiation. We had to explain to them, how the local market works and if they want to break through with their domains, they have to trust us, offer the best conditions, and give a free hand. After several months of negotiations, we have reached an agreement.

We have invested a lot of time in negotiations and preparations, because we know, that the .online domain has great potential not only on the Czech market.

We have also been using the .online domain since 2018 for our monitoring ( Neither we nor any other user runs into any problem with it. We are glad, that we have chosen this domain for our project. It captures its essence beautifully.

Is .online domain for you?

A .online domain is not just another domain in the hundreds of others. It is often used completely non-standardly. A .online domain is suitable:

For the sites, that are always up to date – If your site focuses on up-to-date information, the .online domain is ideal for you. Whether it is a specific field, statistical data, or a regularly updated version of a topic, you will not make a mistake if you buy this domain. Your visitors always know that the information on your site is always live and online.

For the sites, where the action is – Nowadays there is an infinite number of different chats, communication services, or social networks. If you want to target communities, that like to have fun, a .online domain is perfect for that.

Site and service status – Luck favors the prepared, so it is standard for companies to have a part of the infrastructure completely separated in case of an outage. Through this separate infrastructure, they can communicate with their users and inform them about the state of affairs.

We use You can create a similar page on a .online domain. Your customers will be able to make sure that everything is fine on your side. In addition, you can put an infographic with your current statistics, and also it serves you for promotion.

Domain .ONLINE characteristics

1 - 10 years
registration first year
2,10 €/year
2,54 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
30 €/year
36,30 €/year with VAT

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