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Domain .TECH

A .tech domain is the 7th most popular domain in the Czech republic (as of November 2020) and is growing in popularity gradually, especially with specific customer groups. Since the launch of the new domain suffixes, a .tech domain has been among the five most registered domains. Over 340, 000 of these domains are registered worldwide.

The domain was launched in August 2015 and was gaining popularity over the world gradually. It is very popular in China (31% of all registered .tech domains), the US (18%), and India (10%).

Who is behind .tech domains

A total of five companies have competed for the opportunity to operate a .tech domain. The big names like Google, Uniregistry, or STRAAT Investments were among those interested. Finally, it was decided in a private auction, where Dot Tech LLC company (a subsidiary of Radix FZC) got the domain for 6,760,000 USD.

British company CentralNic is in charge of the technical background, which is the longest-running operator of domain registries in the world. For example, CentralNic also takes care of a .sk domain.

Why we offer .tech domains

From the beginning, we have seen an interesting potential in a .tech domain. In recent years, has increased the interest of technology companies in alternative domains significantly.

It started with the national domain of British Indian Ocean Territory .io. Despite its high price (about 90 USD), the domain has become popular with technology startups, open-source projects, or creators of online games. The reason is, that io sounds like I/O (input/output).

Unlike .io, a .tech domain is not so expensive, it does not have a number of restrictions, that must not be on it, and most importantly it has simpler rules and procedures.

The domain belongs to the Radix, with whom we negotiated for a long time because of the .online domain. We managed to negotiate very favorable conditions, that also apply to a .tech domain. Thanks to that, we can offer the domain for such an unbeatable price.

Is .tech domain for you?

The higher price of the domains for renewal causes that domain speculators do not intervene so much. Many nice domains are still free in Czech and English.

For companies containing the word tech/technology – If you use the name tech or technology, you will not find the better domain. In addition, the dot can be used in the company logo beautifully or stands out on business cards.

For modern technology companies, that want to be different – It is a common marketing strategy for modern technology companies, that they try to differentiate themselves from the rest. Websites of technology companies are the first that start using modern technologies, more demanding graphics, and visualization.

Domains are a similar case. The .io is the trend for open source and startups, however, there are a number of limitations. In this way, a .tech domain or new domain suffixes (.online, cloud, .design, .space, etc.) come to the fore. They do this, in order to show that they are more advanced technologically and worth paying for their services.

For the websites about the present and future technologies – The companies falling under the category emerging technologies, which focus on AL, 3D printing, gene therapy, nanotechnology, robotics, stem cells, blockchain, and many more, reach out for new domain suffixes. In the case of software companies, .io or .ai are popular suffixes, but there are problems with limitations. The leaving of traditional domain suffixes is a demonstration of progress for emerging technologies. 

For community websites of technology enthusiasts –  Traditional domains related to technologies are often taken. For speculators, domains have a high value, because companies, that use/sell these technologies commercially, can pay well for them. Whether they sell them or not, they often hold them and not let go.

Due to the higher price of a .tech domain and the flood of new domain suffixes over the years, many of a .tech domains remained free.

Enthusiasts communities took advantage of this and started to set up forums, discussions, specialized social networks, content aggregators, specialized blogs, etc. Dot Tech LLC noticed this trend and started to mention, that a .tech domain is suitable for building communities as one of the advantages.

For unusual advertising campaigns of technological products – If you are thinking about the advertising campaign demonstrating some technology, that your company uses, then a .tech domain is ideal for that. Whether is a virtual board, where all visitors can draw in real-time, a modern 3D interactive presentation, from which everyone’s jaw drops, or a teaser of new software in action, a .tech domain is ideal.

Domain .TECH characteristics

1 - 10 years
registration first year
2,20 €/year
2,66 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
42,40 €/year
51,30 €/year with VAT

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