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Domain .XYZ

A . XYZ domain is one of the first domain suffixes, that have been released under the new nTLD program announced by ICANN. The goal of the program is to extend the number of domain suffixes and simplify the process of approval and implementation. The closely watched registration of a new .XYZ  domain for the general public was launched on 2nd June 2014. It was accompanied by an extensive campaign. 

The beginning of.XYZ domain was successful. It has been the most popular and registered of the new domain suffixes for a long time. At the turn of 2016/2017 were registered almost 6,8 million .XYZ domains. Many of them were given as a part of free advertising campaigns. Anyone who wanted to try a .XYZ domain for their website could get it for free for one year.

The more new domain suffixes were coming gradually and the big boom started to fade out. In 2018 the number of registered .XYZ domains dropped even below 2 million. However, nowadays we can see the world’s growing interest in new domain suffixes, and a. XYZ domain is not an exception. The number of registered .XYZ domain grew gradually and exceeded 3,4 million at the end of 2020.

A. XYZ domain is currently the second most popular of the new domain suffixes in the world. The most popular is in China. 46 % of .XYZ domains are registered for local contacts, followed by the USA with almost 17 %, Turkey with 7 %, India with 4 %, and Vietnam with 3 %.

In the Czech republic a .XYZ domain is the sixth most popular of the new domain suffixes.

Who is behind .xyz domains

The domain is owned by XYZ.COM LLC. , the only company, that was interested in. Thanks to this fact they were able to get and launch it so quickly. In marketing, the domain is defined as a domain of Generation XYZ. This means that it combines the content for Generation X, Y, and Z. A XYZ.COM is known mainly for its creative marketing events, that we like to visit.

British company Central Nic is in charge of the technical background, which is the longest-running operator of domain registries in the world. For example, CentralNic also takes care of a .sk domain.

WEDOS company is a direct registrar. We send all requests directly to CentralNic. There is no mediator between us. We have a contract with both CentralNic and Radix FZC. We are able to solve any potential problems very quickly and right there, where it is needed.

Why we offer .xyz domains

A .XYZ domain was one of the first of the new domain suffixes. Each of us has probably come across (at least marginally) foreign advertising campaigns associated with the launch of the new domain suffixes. In 2014 there weren’t too many new domain suffixes from which we could choose, so our first choice was a .XYZ domain, which has been supported by Google. They use this domain for their parent company Alphabet (

Many of our customers didn’t have a .XYZ domain registered with us for long years, but Webhosting did. We wanted to meet their needs and allow our customers to have everything under the same roof with an accredited registry ICANN and for better prices 🙂

XYZ.COM LLC likes aggressive marketing, just like us. We agreed on many common promotional events very quickly. You can definitely look forward to some surprises from our collaboration.

Is .xyz domain for you?

A .XYZ domain has been created as a revolution, that has wanted to challenge a .com domain, the current leader of the market. XYZ.COM LLC has it really well thought out. You do not have to worry about typos in domains, because typos like are redirected to automatically.

Mainly young people became the target group for a .XYZ domain. 

Domain for young and productive – The concept for young and productive people, who want to be different, was ahead of their time a few years. In 2014 a .com domain was still the best and nobody thought about something different. Today it is no longer the case. On a .io (software), .ai (artificial intelligence and machine learning), or a .tech (technology) domains are created the coolest software projects. If someone wants to be different in the field of art, then chooses a .art domain. To stand out of a crowd and choose the domain you want for your project is being taken for granted nowadays.

A .XYZ domain offers a universal alternative to all domains. If you choose it, you will show your visitors that you are young, vital, and productive. In addition, you can include a .XYZ domain in your logo.

The content for Generation XYZ – If your target group is Generation X, Y, and Z you can express yourselves through this domain. It can be an e-shop, services, or a magazine.

Lists and catalogs – About a .XYZ  is written as a universal domain but is very popular for various lists, catalogs, and statistical pages. It shows that this domain contains everything from a to xyz. It can be properly used in marketing. 

Domain .XYZ characteristics

1-10 years
registration first year
1,80 €/year
2,18 €/year with VAT
11 €/year
13,31 €/year with VAT

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