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SALE: 1. year of the .FUN domain for
0,60 €
0,73 € 21,78 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .ONLINE domain for
2,10 €
2,54 € 36,30 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .EU domain for
2,38 €
2,88 € 5,75 € with VAT
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6,04 €
7,31 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .XYZ domain for
1,80 €
2,18 € 13,31 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .SITE domain for
1,30 €
1,57 € 29,04 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .WEBSITE domain for
1,30 €
1,57 € 21,78 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .SPACE domain for
1,30 €
1,57 € 21,78 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .MONSTER domain for
1,80 €
2,18 € 13,31 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .STORE domain for
2,10 €
2,54 € 58,08 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .TECH domain for
2,20 €
2,66 € 51,30 € with VAT
SALE: 1. year of the .ART domain for
3,60 €
4,36 € 17,42 € with VAT

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Our customer support is comprised of people who enjoy Internet technology. It will provide you with information about services, potentially with ordering and service control through customer administration. It can help you change domains, edit DNS records, and resolve billing issues.

Before contacting us, review our Knowledge Base, where most questions and problems are solved.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email or contact form. The response time is immediate for common technical questions, and the technician will answer within 2 hours for more complex issues.


Domains are unique names of computers and servers on the Internet, under which their numeric value (IP address) through which computers communicate, is hidden. A domain is a more memorable name for a numeric name.

Top Level Domain (TLD) – domain of the highest level. The domain listed at the end of the domain name. E.g. the Czech national domain .cz in the name TLDs can be divided into several groups according to their meaning. E.g. Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD), which are national or gTLD (generic TLD) domains that are not associated with a particular state but with some meaning (com, net, org, info, biz, and others).

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To re-register the domain, please use the domain re-registration form.

Changing the .CZ domain registrar is free. It is also free for other extensions, but it is necessary to renew the domain for 1 year at the same time (for our prices). 365 days will be added to the original domain expiration date, ie. you will not lose anything. The .cz domain transfer is online. It takes up to several days for the other endings (but proceed with the next steps without worrying). The presentation on the original server is working all the time.

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In our opinion, domains are part of web hosting, so we register and renew them for purchase prices without any margin or extra charge. We have believed in this since the beginning of WEDOS Internet, a.s. and the company’s management has even made a legally enforceable public promise that this will be forever. If you have domains with us, you’ll never pay anything extra.

Yes, there is a tool available in the Customer Administration to easily register or transfer multiple domains to us.

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Yes, in our customer administration, you can forward all incoming emails for your domain to any email in one click.

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Yes, you just need to set up a domain or URL in our administration and anyone who enters your domain in the browser will be automatically redirected.

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Yes, you can set the behaviour of the service before expiration – call for payment, just a warning, or automatic extension from credit.

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WEDOS WebSite editor is a block-based editor. There are hundreds of templates and blocks ready to use – just replace your text and images. It’s a perfect all-in-one solution for your website.

See details and pricing on the service website.

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