WEDOS loyalty offer

Are you going to renew the service or have you already renew it? Take a look at the rewards offer for loyal customers!

About loyalty offer

The loyalty program is designed for our loyal customers. We are currently testing the interest and creating all necessary processes. We therefore reserve the right to change or cancel these offers at any time. We update the number of remaining rewards once a day and may not correspond to the actual capacity.

The NoLimit, and NoLimit Extra web hosting

Create a customer review and get 20% discount for the service renew

Are you satisfied with our services? Write a review of our services at:

In the review, don’t forget to mention the services you have and use with us (domain, web hosting, WebSite). What do you like most about us, what could we possibly improve and whether you would recommend us. If possible, also state the name of the service (domain, link) so that we know that the review is from you.

In exchange, we will grant you a small gift in the form of a 20% discount coupon to renew the NoLimit service. Just send us a link to your review via the contact form.

Discount coupons are entered when extending the service in the customer administration and are linked to your customer account. So you can use them for a different NoLimit service than the one you are writing a review on, but not in another customer account.


100 /100

Valid until: 31.06.2022

WEDOS WebSite​​

Be part of our brand

Do you use WEDOS WebSite PROFI or PREMIUM? Did you just renew the service? Would you like to be part of our WebSite brand?

We add the most beautiful WebSites to the sample page with real websites, created by our customers. This site is visited by tens of thousand of people a year, because we also promote it through our newletters and social networks. Your WebSite may be on top.

All you have to do is to renew the service in the PROFI or PREMIUM plan and contact us via the contact form. Colleagues who have WebSite development and promotion will go through your website and if they meet the conditions, they will add it there.

In addition, if our colleagues are really interested in your website, it can become one of our stories 😉


24 /24

Valid until: 31.06.2022

Frequently asked question

Sadly its not possible. We operate more than half a million services and the time limit for offers is the only way to manage everything. But don’t worry, we try to improve our offer as much as possible so that we have something for everyone.

If you are interested in our promotional items, it is possible to get them by helping others on our community website.

Due to the large volume, external companies send gifts for us. We always send them a list of gifts to send at the beginning of the month. If they do not have gifts in stock, they must make them. It can take 2-3 weeks from the beginning of the month when we send them the list of gifts.

We try to solve discount coupons operatively and send them within 3 working days

The extension code is entered in the customer administration on the service renewal.
  • In the main menu, select the service category (Hosting Services, Server Services, Cloud, etc.).
  • Choose the type of service (Webhosting, WMS, WebSite, etc.).
  • Select a specific service in the table.
  • Then click on the “Renewal” link in the left menu.
  • Here you will find a box for your discount coupon.
If there is already an unpaid request for payment, then by entering the discount coupon, it will be issued modified with a discount.

Another WEDOS services

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