EXTRA performance for the biggest projects

Not satisfied with the basic NoLimit web hosting? Upgrade to our highest plan, the NoLimit Extra. It offers bigger CPU performance, better PHP parameters, more space for databases, e-mails, …

NoLimit Extra

The highest plan of our web hosting upgrades key parameters of the NoLimit and adds more advanced functionalities.
3,95 €/month SALE 6,53 €/month VAT incl
4,78 €/month VAT incl.
  • PHP threads: 30 (why?) *
  • MySQL storage: 5 GB
  • E-mail storage: 10 GB (upgradable up to 160 GB)
  • PHP memory_limit *: 1024 MB
  • PHP upload_max_filesize: 512 MB
  • PHP post_max_size: 512 MB
  • PHP max_execution_time: 90 s (max 300 s)
  • Daily backup **
  • Backup restore for free (1x per month)
  • A month for free in case of outage ***
Higher performance


The best-selling web hosting in the Czech Republic. We are powering 107768 of active web hostings. Ideal for WordPress, Joomla, e-commerce.
1,55 €/month SALE 3,33 €/month VAT incl
1,88 €/month VAT incl.
  • PHP threads: 25 (why?) *
  • MySQL storage: 2 GB
  • E-mail storage: 5 GB
  • PHP memory_limit *: 512 MB
  • PHP upload_max_filesize: 256 MB
  • PHP post_max_size: 256 MB
  • PHP max_execution_time: 90 s (max 300 s)
  • Daily backup **
  • Backup restore for free (1x per month)
  • A month for free in case of outage ***
The optional service NoLimit Extra can be activated during the web hosting order. You can also upgrade anytime for existing web hosting in the control panel. The period is 1 year.

HPE Moonshot

The service runs on HPE Moonshot branded servers, which are developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise specifically for giant cloud solutions.
45 powerful servers in one 4 and 1 / 3U box. Each server with 2 x 10 Gbps connectivity to redundant switches. Connectivity of the whole box up to 8 x 40 = 320 Gbps! A total of up to 450 servers in one rack. NVMe SSDs only.
Get higher performance, more space for MySQL and emails, more PHP parameters, daily backups and other benefits ...

* Web hosting performance

Max. PHP threads / PHP memory_limit – based on these parameters the NoLimit Extra plan achieves four times the NoLimit web hosting performance. The NoLimit Extra web hosting configured in this way can use up to 30 × 1024 MB of memory, ie more than 30 GB of memory. These values are really high and are not common (nor available) for competing web hosts at several times higher prices, and they are not common even for virtual servers (VPS). The NoLimit web hosting plan can handle over 10,000 visits per day without any problems (according to the website optimization), and the NoLimit Extra plan includes much higher performance.

** Backup

The NoLimit Extra plan also includes the daily backup. Your website will be saved each night, we store 5 backups. The restore is for free, provided by our technicians, so you do not need to learn anything. The NoLimit plan is backed up only once per week and the restore is paid.

*** A month for free in case of outage

With the NoLimit web hosting version, we guarantee 99.98% availability, and with the sum of the unplanned outages in one calendar month longer than 10 minutes, the customer is entitled to a proportional discount on the monthly fee. We guarantee 99.99% availability for the NoLimit Extra plan. If the sum of unplanned outages occurs in one calendar month longer than 5 minutes, the customer is entitled to a full month of operation free of charge. In the case of web hosting, a failure (unavailability) of a web presentation caused by a failure of the provider’s technologies (servers and data center infrastructure) is considered a service failure.

The NoLimit Extra gifts

For each new web hosting order, you can choose a gift.
Web hosting NoLimit Extra - just for 5,40 € 3,95 € / month VAT excl.

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