Web hosting LowCost

Designed for advanced users. Professionals do not need excessive parameters as compensation for website deficiencies.
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1,25 € / month
(2 € 1,51 € / month incl. VAT)

The cheapest professional solution

Real low-cost web hosting, powered by the newest branded hardware.

for WordPress

All the parameters you would need to run a WordPress website

The newest

Enjoy the high performance, stability, and quality of the branded server hardware!

“LowCost” – the web hosting for real professionals. Includes all you need to run a full modern website in the best price/performance ratio 🙂
1,25 €
per month VAT excl.
1,51 € / month VAT incl.

Ideal for WordPress, Joomla, e-commerce, ...

Get better performance, stability and quality! Ideal for WordPress, Joomla, online shops...

Web hosting gifts

For each web hosting order, you can choose a gift.

Need help?

Our company is powered by people interested in technology. If you need any information, help to order, help with setting up a service, or there is a financial issue, see our knowledge base or contact us.
Our customer support is ready to help you 24 / 7 / 365. You can use a chat, e-mail, or contact form.

Frequently asked questions

We offer detailed information for migration from another provider.
The LowCost web hosting does not include aliases. If you need to host more domains on web hosting, please upgrade to the NoLimit, the NoLimit Extra plan, or the WMS service.
It may be confusing and not easy to choose which service fits best your needs. You can run a website and the mail server using all the solutions above, the difference is in their scalability, management, and sharing of resources. You should be fine with just basic skills when choosing a web hosting, you should be a skilled server manager when choosing a VPS or a dedicated server. See more: comparison of the web hosting, VPS, and dedicated server »

Need more performance?

Upgrade to the NoLimit Extra plan. Its performance is much higher, the PHP parameters are better, there is bigger storage for e-mails and databases, includes daily backup and free-of-charge data restore.

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