Why us?

Here are seven good reasons why to choose us.

Experience, Expertise and Professionalism

We have over 15 years of experience in the market, during which we have built the largest web hosting company in the Czech Republic. The internet environment is not strange to us, we are also successful with other internet projects. You will not find many similarly experienced companies in the Czech Republic. We started to operate web hosting, server hosting and domain registration at the time when the internet was an almost dirty and completely unknown word…

We hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and 27018 certificates from TÜV SÜD.

Quality and Professional Technical Background, Ecological and Economic Operation

We have our own datacenter, one of the most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic. Only two companies in the industry in the Czech Republic have their own professional datacenter, the others are renting. This must also be reflected in the prices of the services provided (and at the same time, most competing companies boast of so-called foreign feathers because they show photos of foreign datacenters and publish parameters that they often cannot influence or recognize). Since we own our datacenters (within our group of companies), we are able to influence all the technical requirements to serve our purpose and to provide the highest quality services (unlike rental companies). Our datacentre is built from an anti-nuclear shelter, which was gradually rebuilt into a modern professional data center and the necessary facilities (offices, meeting rooms, warehouses).

The datacentre is in a non-flood area and is equipped with state-of-the-art security features (SHZ, cameras, access system), UPS technologies, generators and air conditioning. We make sure that all our systems have the most environmentally friendly and economical operation. Operator offices are in the same building, just upstairs. The advantage is therefore the possibility of immediate intervention in case of problems and continuous supervision. From the point of view of security, it is also significant that at a distance of about 100m from the datacentre there is a station of the Municipal Police and at about twice the distance of the district police department.

This location, combined with CCTV, alarm, stable fire extinguishers, RFID card access and fingerprints (to be installed), and a concrete building built on the back-up principle, make our datacenter an extraordinary and particularly secure storage for your data.

We do not conceal anything and therefore we inform about all details of construction and used technologies from the very beginning of the datacentre construction.

We are an accredited registrar of .cz, .sk, .eu domains and in the future we will be in other endings as well. At the same time we run our own autonomous system and we have our own IP addresses and our own network (for data center connection) with a capacity of 300 Gbps. Our network is directly promoted through our partners to the Czech peering center NIX, to the Slovak peering center SIX and further to the European peering centers LINX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX, and the network is promoted to two transit operators. Thanks to these parameters, the response from our datacenter is really fast and the path is short, straightforward and fast with delays in the order of milliseconds to all major European peering centers.

Safety, reliability and quality

We try to provide our services at the same time, safely and reliably at the same time. Important network elements are backed up. We care about security and firewalls, based on our professional and long-term experience. Thanks to our high-quality facilities, professional equipment and many years of experience, we offer a minimum of 99.99% availability guarantee for all services.

Best and latest technology

Many and many months, we have long and complicatedly selected hardware to deliver our services. After many months of tests, measurements (performance, power consumption), we chose HPE hardware. We purchase state-of-the-art machines from this world-leading server and server manufacturer, with services backed up and provided in a cluster. You will find details about the HW used on our website, where we regularly inform you about all the news and provide detailed information about all the technologies we use.

Excellent service

From our many years of experience, we know that customer service is very important. Our servers are continuously monitored and supervised. Customer support is available to our clients at any time and we always try to accommodate and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. We believe that you too will be satisfied. Our other strengths include maximum automation of services, ie instant set-up or post-payment service, and offer 14 different fully automatic payment methods that our customers can use.

Revolutionary service parameters

We have decided to set up revolutionary service parameters. Many parameters are unlimited because we know that modern trends are heading in this direction. We believe that our customers will be satisfied and will appreciate the offered parameters. We are preparing other news – you are sure to look forward to it.

Revolutionary prices

Many years ago, we offered revolutionary prices – at that time we were the first company to offer services for CZK 200 per month – at a time when a comparable service cost at least more than CZK 1,000. Today, after many years, we repeat this step because we believe that every customer is entitled to quality but affordable services. We have decided to offer unlimited parameters for most services and at the same time prices that are truly revolutionary. Our price offer is now much lower than that of (technically comparable) competitors. Why are our prices so low and not at the expense of their quality? On the contrary, while it sounds paradoxical, it is. Our prices are low because our system (including administration, installation and server management) is maximally automated (thus saving time for both our customers and our employees, so we can have fewer compared to our competitors), using state-of-the-art and most powerful (and most reliable) and thus economical advantageous HPE branded machines. We also pay attention to the low energy intensity of operation (we measure and evaluate the consumption of all servers) and our own data center is environmentally friendly and low-energy.

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