Register Your .FUN Domain

The .FUN Domain

The .fun domain is the 3rd most favourite domain in the Czech Republic (October 2020) and its popularity grows quickly. Since its launch, the domain has been one of the most registered TLDs at WEDOS. This domain is also the 3rd most popular domain in Ukraine. Approximately 73% of all .fun domains are registered in China.

The .fun domain is rather new. Its public launch took place in 2017, so a lot of domain names are still unoccupied.

Who is Behind .FUN Domains

DotSpace Inc., which is a subsidiary company of Radix FZC, is the operator of .fun domains. CentralNic is responsible for technological aspects. CentralNic is the longest operating domain registry in the world.

When ICANN announced the new TLD program, three companies were interested in .fun domains – Google, dotStrategy and Oriental Trading Company Inc. In the end, Oriental Trading Company Inc. won and handed administration over to DotSpace Inc.

Why We Offer .FUN Domains

Domain .fun means entertainment. Word fun is often used especially by young people. We have always wanted to offer domains suitable for younger generations so we have chosen .fun and .monster domains, but the .fun domains‘ advantage is that it is shorter.

Domain .space is operated by Radox. We have negotiated with them about the .online domain and we have managed to arrange very favorable prices that also apply to the .space domain. Thanks to this agreement we can offer .fun domains for unrivaled prices in the first year.

What Projects is the .FUN Domain Good for

As we have mentioned before we wanted domain that would interest young generations. However huge demand for .fun domains surprised us. One of the reasons for huge demand is that word fun is known worlwide and it is short.

Domain .fun can be used for a wide range of projects:

Gaming websites – Whether you publish magazine about computer games or website about your game server domain .fun or .monster will ensure popularity. You should prefer .fun domain as it is shorter, if people from mobile devices visit your website.

One time events and parties – You will not make a mistake if you choose .fun domain for your one time events and parties. You can also choose .love domain for your wedding ceremony websites etc.

Website for company organizing entertaining activities  – Domain .fun is felicitous for playrooms, gaming clubs or sport stadiums. Domain .fun also looks good in logos and in contrast to traditional TLDs there is a bigger chance you will find the right one for you.

Parodical and satirical websites – It can be difficult to differentiate truth from satire nowadays. With .fun domain this problem is not going to happen.

Website with jokes and memes – Consider .fun domain if you have website with funny texts, pictures or internet memes.  This is one of the websites .fun domain has been made for.

Characteristics of the .FUN Domain

1 - 10 years
registration - first year
0,60 €/year
0,73 €/year with VAT
renewal / transfer
30 €/year
36,30 €/year with VAT

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