WEDOS Early Warning and Monitoring is a complex monitoring system that can prevent potential damage to your online business.


Early Warning and Monitoring (EWM)

Security is essential for any online business. We have made it simple for you! Use WEDOS EWM and relax.


Just the basics
0,13 €/month 0,16 €/month with VAT
  • Daily overview
  • All your domains together
  • Basic DNS check
  • Status page


Everything your website needs
2,08 €/month 2,52 €/month with VAT
  • Website availability 5-minute interval
  • Mailserver availability 15-minute interval
  • Advanced DNS check
  • Domain expiration check
  • Website reputation - daily
  • SSL certificates check - daily
  • Monthly report
    (coming soon)
  • Status page

High Availability

The premium solution
8,33 €/month 10,08 €/month with VAT
  • Website availability 1-minute interval
  • Mailserver availability 5-minute interval
  • Full DNS check
  • Domain expiration check
  • Website reputation - hourly
  • SSL certificates chceck - daily
  • Weekly report (coming soon)
  • Status page
  • API interface (JSON output)

EWM Features

DNS Servers and DNS Record Checks

DNS server availability is detrimental for the correct function of your website.

Start Professional HighAvailability
DNS server check Daily overview 15-minute interval 1-minute interval
DNS response speed Daily overview 15-minute interval 1-minute interval
DNSSEC check - daily hourly
A / AAAA DNS record (correctness + PING)
MX DNS record (correctness + SMTP response) -
TXT - SPF (correctness, duplicity check) - -
SOA DNS record (DNS server synchronization) - -
DNS change notification -

Domain Check

We check the public domain database (WHOIS) fo you – the expiration date, owner, webmaster, DNS settings, and much more.

Start Professional HighAvailability
Upcoming domain expiration warning -
Upcoming DNS disabling (out of zone) - -
WHOIS change notification (*) -
Free domain with another TLD notification(*) -

Items with (*) are being prepared.

Website Reputation Check

There are many free or commercial databases with information about malicious and dangerous websites. Based on these, many services like Google Chrome show warnings. We can notify you if your website accidentally appears there.

Start Professional HighAvailability
IP blacklist check - daily hourly
Database record notification - daily hourly
Google Safe Search notification(*) - daily hourly
MX blacklist notification - daily hourly

Items with an asterix (*) are being prepared.

Certificate Check

Your website is signed by many certificates to prove it’s legit and to secure the data. In case of their expiration, your website will be reported as insecure and untrustworthy. Each browser considers the certificates with different parameters, so it may take long for you to realize.

Worry no more, we have got your back.

Start Professional HighAvailability
DNSSEC check - daily hourly
DNSSEC expiration notification -
SSL check (HTTPS) - daily hourly
SSL expiration notification -

Server Response Check

For your website to run, it also needs other services running and up to date.

Start Professional HighAvailability
Website availability - HTTP(S) Daily overview 5-minute interval 1-minute interval
Mailserver availability test (SMTP,IMAP, POP3) Notification overview 1x day 15-minute interval 5-minute interval
FTP Test - 30-minute interval 15-minute interval
SFTP/SSH Test - 30-minute interval 15-minute interval
Test of other ports (*) - 30-minute interval 15-minute interval
WordPress version check (*) - coming soon coming soon
WordPress plugin check (*) - coming soon coming soon
Incorrect redirections(*) - weekly weekly
Redirection warning(*) monthly monthly monthly
Detection of error messages on the page(*) - coming soon coming soon
Advanced on-page error checking (*) - coming soon coming soon
Basic web scanning(*) - weekly weekly

Items with an asterix (*) are being prepared.


You can receive reports by e-mail, XML output, or using your personalized status page.

Start Professional HighAvailability
Summary report by e-mail (*) - monthly weekly
Online JSON/XML output - -
Own status page

Items with an asterix (*) are being prepared.

Ping Monitoring Is Not Enough!

Just a minority of webmasters are checking the website availability using online monitoring tools.  According to our measurements, less than a tenth of a percent of all clients do this. They only choose one page and an automatic robot to monitor it at regular intervals. If it detects that the page is unavailable, it will send a notification by e-mail or SMS. But is that enough? No way!

The Internet Is a Dangerous Place Full of Cybernetic Traps

Organized groups are always looking for opportunities to make money. We know it well ourselves. Every month we deal with dozens of cybersecurity concerns, cooperating with specialized units to fight cybercrime, police, authorities and sometimes even with organizations to fight terrorism. Most of our customers who run into these problems don’t even realize it. Their website, server or e-mails directly get used in criminal activity.

EWM is designed as a toolbox to recognize malicious activity at your domain or website. It also keeps an eye on website security.

Think About What Your Business Depends on

  • A website, which must be available, fast responding, and showing the correct content.
  • All website parts must be working (domain, DNS, DNSSEC, hosting, content management system, …).
  • What about an SSL certificate? When is the expiration date? If it expires without renewing, the website will become unavailable
  • What about your e-mail services which you use for communication with customers? Are they working?
  • You can easily get blacklisted on accident, both in the case of your website and e-mail services.
  • Is your domain safe? Somebody could try to change owner details, would you like to know it?
  • Is DNS fast enough? Is DNSSEC set correctly? Are DNS servers well synced?
  • We will notify you about 404 errors or slow scripts.
  • We also check the HTTPS redirection, there may be some changes recommended.
  • The safety of your website. Our security check will ensure that website is not hacked.
  • We will search for similar free domains with other TLDs.

WEDOS EWM Checks Everything. No Need for Manual Settings.

The service can be enabled in the control panel in your domain’s settings. Or just add it during the domain order. The only required information will be an e-mail address for notifications. 

EWM downloads the necessary data, which it will monitor and run the first tests. Data for more advanced tests, if you are interested in them, will come to you by e-mail.

That is all. From now on, you will receive alerts if anything changes. EWM does not aim to find the specific cause of errors, but to alert you that something is wrong. Thanks to this, it can contain such a large number of potential threats.

Do You Need help?

Our customer support is made up of people that enjoy IT. We will provide you with information about services, or help with ordering and controlling the service through a customer administration. We can help you with domain changes, DNS records editing, and billing issues.

Before you contact us, take a look at our knowledge base, where most of the questions and issues are addressed.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through e-mail or our contact form. The response is instantaneous for normal technical queries and takes about 2 hours in the case of more complex problems.


WEDOS Early Warning and Monitoring is a complex monitoring and check system to notify you about the upcoming danger that can be easily prevented without causing any damage.