Web Hosting, VPS or a Dedicated Server?

Do you not know the exact differences between web hosting services, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers, and which one is the best for your web?

If you want to operate web pages (for ex. WWW pages) you can use any of our hosting products – web hostingVPS and dedicated servers. They differ in terms of the possibilites they offer, the difficulty of their management, their performance, the level of sharing servers with other customers, etc.

Web Hosting

The easiest option for the vast majority of the public is web hostingThis doesn’t require the customer to take care of anything – they just need to upload the contents of their web pages via FTP, to fill the database and to create a mailbox for their domain through the administration.

We fully care for the servers that operate the web, as well as e-mail, database and other related services. We take care of the maintenance, security settings, updates, monitor their functionality, their strain and solve any problems associated with it (except for errors in the customer app PHP).

The possibilites of a web hosting service, however, are fixed. You can only use it to operate PHP applications with the MySQL/MariaDB database. The modules that can be used are precisely given for the PHP, various limitations are given – the max. script run time, the max. memory for running one script, etc. These restrictions cannot be modified or changed individually.

If you are looking for a web hosting service for a more demanding web, choose the surcharge Extra service – this offers better performance, has better parameters and daily backups.

The web hosting service is shared. This means that several hundreds of customers use the same web hosting server and share its whole performance.

Despite its limitations, the web hosting service is the most videly spread service that works perfectly for the vast majority of customers. The limiting parameters are set fairly high and a vast range of PHP modules is available. The customer doesn’t have to care for anything and doesn’t have to have lots of computer knowledge.  Most open source applications work on our web hosting service – editorial systems, online shops, discussion forums, etc.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) are more advanced. The customer gets their own ’empty’ server, running in a virtualized environment, where they can run absolutely any operating system with any software and thus any application. They have full access to the server (as an Administrator in Windows or as a root in Linux). If you install PHP to your server, you can add any modules to it and use any settings.

A VPS thus offers freedom of choice – the customer can use it for anything, because the server is only their’s, which means that they don’t influence other customers.

The customer, however, has to have a relatively good understanding of how to operate thier own server, installing and configuring operational systems, securing servers, installing and configuring applications on the server, etc. They will get a bare server with a basic installation of some operating system, or a Debian ISP package (where Apache, PHP, MySQL, mailserver, DNS server and ISPConfig control panel are prepared). The rest is up to the customer. We only make sure that the virtualization environment is working. The customer fully cares about the contents running on their VPS.

The VPS, however, still shares certain resources with other customers. Tens of virtual servers can be operated on one physical one. Therefore, the VPS shares its CPU and I/O performance with others on the same server. This means that the VPS is still not suitable for extremely demanding applications that need many processors, more than 4 GB of RAM, and so on.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are designated for the most demanding of customers. In this case, we rent out a physical server that is fully availabe to the customer. As per VPS, the customer is free to use it for anything and also gets to take advantage of the full peformance of the server on their own.

Dedicated servers also allow you to come up with your individual configuration – the type and number of processors, memory, the type and number of disks. Some are in stock, we might have to order some for you.

We allow the customer to rent our hardware, it is not possible to purchase it. We, however, guarantee its function, fix it whenever necessary and exchange broken components (for our own money).

As per VPSs, we do not take care of what the hardware is being used for. This is again up to the customer, who either understands the techical details of it on their own or has someone to take care of it.