Lowest Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price for services like ours‘ anywhere on the Czech Internet, please inform us about it. We will verify the situation, and if the price offered by the competitor is indeed lower, we will offer you a better – preferable – offer.

The Lowest Price Guarantee Terms Are as Follows:

  • the service must be of the same type (ie based on the same technical parameters), the service must be of the same quality, in a similar design, from a professional company
  • the service must be subject to the same conditions, the same parameters and the service may not come from an unauthorized distribution source
  • the offered service must be comparable in qualifications and quality to our service, and must use at least the same quality-level technical background
  • related charges (domains, establishment, additional services, etc.) must also be included in the price of the service, or the costs of these related charges must also be comparable
  • the guarantee does not apply to services with special price sales and offers (subsidized domains, subsidized services, services with lower availability, etc.). In the case of special events by other operators, we try to offer customers the same conditions offered by competitors –  contact us
  • the service is not limited by maximum or minimum consumption over time, or the amount of consumption is not otherwise limited

The credibility of the link is judged by us, but we try to accommodate our customers as much as possible. As professionals, we strive to expand our relationships with our customers. We always try to offer and ensure the best conditions.

The lowest price guarantee is here for you!!!