We Support Migration! Move to WEDOS in Just 1 Click.

Moving a web and email from one provider to another can seem like a daunting and risky process. No one wants to risk their web not running for a few minutes or to miss an important e-mail.
In reality, however, the process is simple and secure because the web and email inboxes are copied first. The direction of the domain determines where the website will be displayed and where the e-mails will go.

* What happens if you are not satisfied? You have the option to cancel the service within 7 days without giving a reason and we will refund your money. Before you direct your domain, you can see for yourself how much faster and more stable WEDOS is, without affecting your visitors. You don’t risk anything by migrating. We know that we have good services and that you will stay with us, so we can afford this 😉

Data and Database Migration

To transfer a website, you need to know the FTP server, FTP account login, an FTP account password, and other information (if you do not know this information, contact your provider to get it).

E-mail Migration Manual

To migrate your mailbox, you need to know your e-mail address, password, and IMAP server (if you don’t know this information, contact your ISP).

Web Hosting

The favourite web hosting services in Czechia. Treat yourself to high performance, stability, and quality! The “NoLimit” service is ideal for WordPress.


For the most demanding customers.
3,95 €/month DISCOUNT 8,01 €/month VAT incl
4,78 €/month VAT incl.
  • SSD storage: unlimited
  • Data transfers: unlimited
  • PHP memory_limit: 1024 MB
  • Database space: 5 GB
  • HTTPS/SSL included
Extra performance


Best-selling. Ideal for WordPress.
1,55 €/month DISCOUNT 4,03 €/month VAT incl
1,88 €/month VAT Incl.
  • SSD storage: unlimited
  • Data transfers: unlimited
  • PHP memory_limit: 512 MB
  • Database space: 2 GB
  • HTTPS/SSL included


The cheapest web hosting service.
1,25 €/month DISCOUNT 2,49 €/month VAT incl
1,51 €/month VAT incl.
  • SSD disk space: 10 GB
  • Data transfers: unlimited
  • PHP memory_limit: 256 MB
  • Database space: 1 GB
  • HTTPS/SSL included

Use the discount code in the first step in the order. The discount applies for the first service period.

Detailed comparison of LowCost, NoLimit and NoLimit Extra web hosting tariffs


With mailhosting , you can easily set up an email box on your own domain without having to transfer your website or domain to us. Just set up DNS servers or records.

Email hosting with an intelligent spam filter!

Are you looking for an email hosting that will reliably protect your inbox from spam or phishing while providing enough space for your emails? Our mailhosting offers intelligent spam filtering using machine learning, advanced virus protection and the ability to increase your email space by up to 155 GB!

With us, you only pay for the space you actually use. Save money.
1,46 €/month
without VAT
1,76 € / month with VAT

Do You Need Help? Unsure About Something?

We will be happy to help you transfer your website and e-mails.

Customer support is available NONSTOP 24/7 – day and night, weekdays, weekends and holidays.

The Provider - WEDOS Internet, a.s., reserves the right to change the terms of the offer or to terminate it at any time. Customers will be notified about changes or terminations on this page with the relevant information highlighted.