We support a migration! Move your website to WEDOS with just one click!

You no longer have to do anything manually to change hosting providers and move all data today. Move easily to WEDOS. We know very well that automation is the basis. Why do something by hand when robots can take care of it?

Right now you have a unique opportunity to use our migration robot. You fill in your source and destination details and the robot will take care of it. Once it moves the data, you check that everything is in the right place and fully functional. If you are satisfied* with the result and speed, then you just set the DNS.

* What if you are not happy with our web hosting? There is a 7-day  trial period with a full money refund. So you can ensure that your website is running flawlessly before setting the DNS. There is no risk for you. We know our services meet the highest standards and you will like them.

Data and database migration

I want to transfer e-mails too

We can transfer also your mailboxes. It!s for free and easy to set. See our manual for e-mail migration. 

Why does WEDOS float against the major tide and did not rise their fees?

You probably did not miss that the electricity prices are extremely high and everything is getting more expensive. Data centers also consume a huge amount of energy and it’s one of our major costs. These costs are usually transferred to the final customer and they usually notice the rise of the price.

There is no need to worry about the price with WEDOS. We are running two private data centers, which have been built from the very beginning to save on electricity. We will feel the price of electricity rising, but not significantly. Our data centers are tens of percent more economical, and we are also one of the largest customers of branded servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which will result in lower acquisition costs. We have our own optical routes and infrastructure, which we take care of ourselves. We don’t have to pay third parties for many things. We can also better plan long-term expenses.

Data center WEDOS DC1
Data center WEDOS DC2

WEDOS is one of the biggest web hosting provider in the Czech Republic. We host more websites than the other three competitors in a row together. We know how to survive a crisis, during the last one we have grown up and changed the local market. People know that we provide a high quality and economical services.

CZ.NIC statistics for to web hosting providers in the Czech Republic. 26/10/2021.

Migration to WEDOS is good for everyone 😃

In order to make it easier for you to switch web hosting from the competition to us and not bore you with the unused prepaid period, we will add a free time for web hosting with us, which corresponds to twice the remaining period for the competition.

How to fix the price of the CZ domain for 10 years?

An integral part of the website is the domain. In our opinion, it should be ideally free for the website, which is why we also sell it from the beginning at our purchase prices. However, in the future we cannot guarantee that the registry will not make them more expensive, then we will have to make them more expensive as well.

Fortunately, you can easily prevent it yourself. You can register or extend the .cz domain with WEODS for up to 10 years. Then your further increase in price does not apply.

In addition, we are an accredited five-star registrar for .cz domains, which CZ.NIC directly recommends on its website. We also have accreditation from the multinational organization ICANN, which was established to manage the DNS system, thanks to which the Internet works as we know it. Without DNS, we would not be able to use Internet domains.

We are the only registrar of .cz domains in the Czech Republic, which has the full number of stars from CZ.NIC and at the same time international ICANN accreditation.

Need help?

Our customer support is always ready to help you with any problems you can face.

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