Multi Hosting

Information about the possibilities of hosting more webs for several different domains of one customer

If you have several domains (your own or those of your customers), there are several ways of how a web hosting service can be realised for them.

One Web Hosting With Aliases With the Same Contents

3 free aliases can be set for each web hosting service, which means that 3 extra domains can be directed to the same web hosting service. By default, the same content (as that of the main domain) is displayed under these domains.

Aliases work even with e-mails, which means that the info@first-domain box is the same as the info@second-domain, info@third-domain and info@fourth-domain boxes. It is, however, not possible to create individual boxes for different domains.

An unlimited amount of aliases can be ordered for a surcharge fee of 4,58 € month without VAT (55 € year without VAT). This means that you can direct an unlimited amount of domains towards one web hosting service.

One Web Hosting With Aliases With Different Contents

Similar to the above option but each domain (alias) can have its own contents.This, in combination with an unlimited alias package, provides multiwebs – an unlimited number of custom-content domains within a single web hosting service.

The process is outlined in the Knowledge Base: Individual webs for aliases.

It will still not, however, be possible to create individual e-mail  BOXES for each domain. They will be aliases of the main domain (ie. info@first-domain = info@second-domain). Alternatively, you can re-direct e-mails – you can set up a domain box, all emails to this domains will be re-directed to the email address. This can solve the separation of mailboxes for different domains, but only for the domain as a whole (it is not possible to specify individual mailboxes for individual domains).

Warning: When using the ‘Unlimited Number of Aliases’, all domains work under one user account, ie it is necessary to observe security rules. If you do not have all the content management systems in the current (safe) versions (or you have security vulnerabilities in applications), there is a risk of attacking other aliases. If you want to be sure of security, we recommend ordering separate webs. This is especially useful if the webs are for different owners.

Several Web Hosting Services

If you require separate e-mail BOXES for each domain, then it is necessary to purchase separate web hostings for each domain. You will, however, manage all your web hosting services from one interface through one customer account.

VPS With a Debian ISP Package

If you are a more demanding customer a don’t want to be restricted by the given web hosting and alias restrictions, you can get your own vitrual server (VPS). This allows you to avoid any restrictions, create customisations and use it however you please.

We offer VPSs only with the basic installation of the operating system (various Linux distributions) or with the preinstalled Debian ISP package – Apache, PHP, MySQL, mailserver, DNS server and ISPConfig control panel are pre-installed on the server.

For more information, check the information about Web Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server services.

Re-Directing Webs and E-mails

Don’t forget that your webs and e-mails can be redirected for free when domains are reistered with us.

  • redirecting webs – when entering the URL adress, the visitor will be transfered to the URL you set up
  • redirecting e-mails – any e-mail sent to your domain’s adress will be transfered to another e-mail adress that has been specified by you.
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HPE Moonshot

The service runs on HPE Moonshot branded servers, which are developed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise specifically for giant cloud solutions.
45 powerful servers in one 4 and 1 / 3U box. Each server with 2 x 10 Gbps connectivity to redundant switches. Connectivity of the whole box up to 8 x 40 = 320 Gbps! A total of up to 450 servers in one rack. NVMe SSDs only.
3,33 €/month
(4,03 €/month with VAT)
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