WEDOS has launched a new WEDOS Global location in Turkey

WEDOS Internet, a.s., a leading provider of webhosting and DDoS protection in the Czech Republic, announced the launch of new location of its anycast DNS network in Istanbul, Turkey on May 2 , 2023. With this move, the company has expanded its WEDOS Global infrastructure, which enables faster loading of websites around the world and protection from large-scale DDoS attacks as well.

In Istanbul, WEDOS has 45 physical servers, 2 switches and 100 Gbps connectivity in the Equinix datacenter. This location is very important as it will be responsible for traffic from the Middle East and parts of Africa. It will be used by more by more than 400 million internet users in the region.

Istanbul is the 24th location that WEDOS is operating under its WEDOS Global infrastructure. It currently has servers in 19 countries on 5 continents. 2 more sites are in the preparation phase.

The entire WEDOS Global infrastructure currently consists of over 1500 physical servers and connectivity of over 2.5 Tbps. WEDOS customers can use the WEDOS Global infrastructure to load their sites faster (with anycast DNS) and protect them with the WEDOS Global Protection service, which uses reverse proxies to protect stop DDoS attacks at the L3, L4 and L7 layers. The service can be used without having to move hardware or change webhosting providers. All you need to do is point the domain to WEDOS Global DNS. More technical information can be found at

WEDOS builds WEDOS Global based on its long experience with large-scale cyber-attacks, so that it can protect its infrastructure and its customers’ websites even from very strong DDoS attacks. This would not be possible with servers and datacenters in the Czech Republic alone. To fend off strong DDoS attacks, it is necessary to use anycast DNS and reverse proxy servers deployed around the world to collect and clean up traffic directly at a given location. This system then sends the filtered traffic to the customer’s server.

WEDOS is building WEDOS Global since 2022 and this is the largest and most expensive project in the company’s history. The total cost has already surpassed 200 million CZK. Currently, WEDOS Global is one of the best in the world. It is even among the top 10 in Europe.

“We are happy to be able to provide our customers with the best possible service to protect their websites. Our new location in Turkey allows us to improve our availability, speed and security in the region. Our WEDOS Global infrastructure is designed to be able to withstand even the strongest DDoS attacks without the customer having to do any configuration.” said Josef Grill, CEO and founder of WEDOS Internet, Inc.

About WEDOS:

WEDOS Internet, a.s. is currently one of the fastest growing IT companies in the Czech Republic with an international reach . It owns two private datacentres in Hluboká nad Vltavou and has over 315 thousand customers from all over the world.

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