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We offer a comprehensive solution to protect and speed up the websites of customers of large companies, operating hundreds, or thousands of domains. DNS protection, DDoS protection, WAF, and CDN Cache...

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100% availability, performance, and scalability

For hosting companies, government organizations, and other large customers

A robust solution tailored to meet the needs of large companies that need to protect themselves and their customers from severe cyberattacks. We ensure an effective protection of all websites, thanks to our global server infrastructure. As a bonus, you get reduced response times and increased loading speeds, by connecting to the nearest point of presence (PoP) instead of the remote origin server.

We can also provide a dedicated solution for a selected customer.

We are no. 1 in Europe

The WEDOS Global infrastructure currently covers most of Europe with Points of Presence (PoPs) in more than 120 data centres. We are the only cybersecurity provider worldwide with such robust network of interconnected physical servers on the old continent.

Why choose our comprehensive solution?

The WEDOS Global server infrastructure, built on the BGP Anycast technology, is the result of our 25-year-long experience, the data analysis of more than 300,000 websites, and the operation of 2 private data centres, and thousands of our own servers.

The WEDOS Global Protection service was developed for our own needs, and we are 100% certain that it works. We have been looking for a suitable and functional protection solution for several years, and we have not found one, so we developed our own solution. 

We are a stable and growing company in the long term. We are not a start-up, we do not have any investors, or loans. No outsourcing. 

Built on data and experience

We are the only cybersecurity provider worldwide with such robust network of interconnected physical servers in Europe.

We have been gaining experience since 1997. We analyse and evaluate traffic data from websites in the long run. So, we know what overloads them, and we can filter this malicious traffic out without any problems. Based on this ground, we are continuously upgrading our protection templates.

API for bulk management

If you manage a large number domains of your customers, you can manage everything from your administration, using our API.

WEDOS was built on complete automation, so we know how important it is to be able to easily integrate via API, and automate all tasks.

International ISO certification

We follow international ISO standards, and regularly host audits by independent authorities, and certification defences.

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System

ISO 27017 – Cloud Services Information Security Controls

ISO 27018 – Personally-Identifiable Information Protection in Public Cloud Services

Quick deployment with no additional costs

Whether you want to use the WEDOS Global infrastructure for a wide range of cyberattacks, static content distribution, or as a significant money-saver in terms of hardware resources, the deployment is fast and intervention-free.

No need to change your existing service provider – just point your domains to our DNS servers.

What do you get with WEDOS Global Protection Multidomain B2B and White Label?

An infrastructure of strategically located servers around the world, all sharing the same IP address, allows us to efficiently distribute traffic to individual sites, detect suspicious requests in time, and block them before they reach the target server. WEDOS Global Protection is essentially a robust cloud-based DDoS protection service that can be scaled according to your needs, and/or the size of the attack.

WEDOS Global Protection provides comprehensive protection on several layers of the ISO/OSI reference model. At the network layer (L3), it detects and filters DDoS attacks based on IP addresses and their entire ranges, using advanced techniques, such as rate limiting, blacklisting and whitelisting.

At the transport layer (L4), it protects against attacks targeting network ports (e.g. SYN/UDP flood attacks).

At the application layer (L7), it also deals with sophisticated attacks on specific protocols and applications (HTTP flood, DNS amplification).

WEDOS Global Protection works as a web-based CDN with advanced caching. Caching servers, which are located within the WEDOS Global infrastructure in data centres all around the world, continuously create cached copies of a website. These allow you to store web content (e.g. images, fonts, or Javascript, and CSS files) in different geographical locations, always close to your users. The website content does not have to be reloaded with every new request (i.e. user access to the website), which significantly reduces the amount of processed data.

Last but not least, it also works as a Web Application Firewall (WAF), because it promptly reacts to current cybernetic threats, as it can distinguish, whether there is an attack happening, and in that case, it puts these suspicious requests through a test.

WAF detects requests for wp-admin, XML-RMC, or AJAX, and blocks known attempts at SQL Injection or cross-site scripting (XSS).

If you manage a large number domains of your customers, you can manage everything from your administration, using our API.

WEDOS was built on complete automation, so we know how important it is to be able to easily integrate via API, and automate all tasks.

The WEDOS Global Protection Multidomain B2B White Label solution is suitable for hosting companies, which can start using the WEDOS infrastructure in a very simple way. Deploying the service is extremely easy and fast. Nothing changes for all customer domains.

The current DNS server names, i.e. customer-defined names, are still used for all domains.

The service can be used with your own IP addresses, and your own autonomous system. It is therefore hard to trace that the service is running on the WEDOS infrastructure.

Robust infrastructure built to stop massive DDoS attacks

By decentralising traffic, distributing it efficiently across a global network of physical servers (BGP Anycast), and using a reverse proxy that effectively filters and blocks malicious IP addresses, we are able to easily absorb millions of requests per second with which attackers try to overwhelm the target server and users’ websites. In addition, the infrastructure allows unlimited automatic scaling based on the size and severity of the DDoS attack.

speed up website loading around the world

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Cache continuously creates cached copies of webpages, thus shifting the website content closer to your customers. With several thousand physical servers worldwide, WEDOS Global Protection is able to significantly reduce website loading times, improve user experience, and increase the website conversion rate.

and reduce the costs of web hosting operation

WEDOS Global Protection will also help to reduce hardware costs from your web hosting provider. With significantly fewer requests reaching the target server, you can continue using a basic hosting solution without increasing resources. WGP filters out more than a half of the malicious traffic, and thus saves up to 90% of server performance. As traffic grows, you can scale your website flexibly and without problems.

How our collaboration will work

We will get to know your project, and how it works in terms of technology. A consultation with you and your IT staff will take place. Based on the analysis, we will create a tailored solution for you. Your IT staff can also come visit us for a training, where we explain everything in detail.

Integrating our solution is easy, fast, and completely reversible. We will do everything according to our agreement, at your convenience. The results will be immediately visible. Then, we will collect data and evaluate everything.
It is also possible to agree, and deploy everything gradually step by step (for example, just protection).

We monitor all traffic, and know what to look for. There is always room for improvements that lead to enhanced security, and savings on your hardware. We’ll let you know as soon as we find anything.

Whether it is a massive DDoS attack, or your project  needs to handle peaks in website visits, we will help you with everything. We can, for example, limit traffic in a specific country, or create a static copy of your project, anywhere in the world, which will be handled only by our servers.

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