Multidomain B2B and Multidomain B2B White Label

Anycast DNS Pricing for B2B Multidomain

The first 50,000 domains

0 €/month

Every additional 10,000 domains

50 €/month

Anycast DNS Pricing for Multidomain B2B White Label

The first 50,000 domains

0 €/month

Every additional 10,000 domains

50 €/month

White Label – using a custom DNS server name (shared IP)
For each nameserver name

50 €/month

Optional for Multidomain B2B White Label:

White Label – dedicated IPv4 from the WEDOS range
Price per IPv4

8 €/month

White Label – use of customer's own IP ranges
Price for each range /24

100 €/month

White Label – using customer's own ASN
Price for ASN

100 €/month


from 0 €/month

Pay as you go

For customers with over 100 domains
Key features

B2B White label

from 50 €/month

Pay as you go

A perfect solution under your own brand
Key features

WEDOS Global Protection for B2B partners with 50% discount

One-click activation

No need to move data, or change your registrar, or hosting provider.

Customers do not need to enter WEDOS administration. Setup in 2 minutes.

  • DDoS protection (L3 and L4 protection) 
  • Reverse proxy and WAF (L7 protection)
  • Filtering malicious bots and traffic
  • CDN cache
  • HTTPS and HTTP/3 support
  • We’ll hide you from your attackers
  • In accordance with GDPR
  • IPv6 support
  • IPv4 to IPv6 proxy (we provide IPv6 support for you)
FREE for WordPress


1 €/month

0,50 €/month

0,61 €/month incl. VAT

Completely free for WordPress!
Key features


7 €/month

3,50 €/month

4,24 €/month incl. VAT

Everything your website needs
Key features


100 €/month

50 €/month

60,50 €/month incl. VAT

For specialists with 1 website
Key features


Save up to 50%

Individual price

from 605 €/month incl. VAT

Tailored solutions (e.g. for banks and government)
Key features

Earn money with us under your own brand!

Offer your customers our website protection and speed-up and earn money with us.

Customers do not need to enter our administration.

The price is per 1 domain, excl. VAT or VAT of the selected country. Payment for the previous month, according to the actual usage of the services.

WEDOS Global (CDN Cache & Security) Plugin

Activate WEDOS Global Protection easily with the WEDOS Global (CDN Cache & Security) plugin, which guides you through the activation and setup process. This plugin integrates WEDOS Global Protection controlling features into your WordPress administration, making it easier for you to manage and customise the service directly from your WordPress administration interface.

Compatibility and accessibility: The WordPress plugin is compatible with all WEDOS Global plans. For those who don’t have any of the paid options, there is a free START alternative.

Other useful features: The plugin includes, for example, the Local Cache feature which creates a static copy of your website and your posts on your web hosting, which helps with faster website loading and better availability of your content.

Start now: The installation process is quick and easy. Just install it using the WordPress administration, and you can instantly start watching how your website is becoming faster and secured. No complicated technical interventions are required.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you!

For more information and consultations regarding your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department or technical support. We are here to help you protect your digital assets as effectively as possible.

Integration and migration process

The implementation and migration process with WEDOS Global is designed to be smooth, efficient, and seamless. Our services are designed to provide organisations with a safe and secure transition.


Our (W)API and the AXFR protocol allow you to use your existing service management and administration solutions.

Bulk settings

Our protection can be activated in bulk, allowing you to scale security according to the set templates.

Rapid migration

No-downtime migration in a few minutes.

Personalised partnerships and resale options

Join the WEDOS Global Protection B2B partnership to customise and sell our security solutions that meet the specific needs of your clients, thus enhancing your offer and increasing your profitability.
Tailor-made solutions

Create and implement custom templates for protection (WAF), DDoS protection, and CDN Cache services tailored to your clients’ specific requirements.

Offer tailor-made security solutions that directly address the unique challenges and interfaces of your clients.

Find out your costs in advance (50% of the standard charges). Set your own selling prices, and maintain 100% margins above our fixed rates.

Includes Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DDoS protection on L3, L4, and on the L7 layer, tailored to the specific needs of each domain.

Boost website performance during peak traffic times with our global content delivery network.

Fully managed DNS services means that you don’t have to worry about the availability, configuration or scaling of your DNS infrastructure.

Our customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. In case of a problem, you can contact our chat operator who will immediately start to solve your request.