WEDOS Global Protection Multi-Domain B2B and Multi-Domain B2B White Label Service

Complete description and price list for B2B users of WEDOS Global Protection.
Solutions for hosting companies, wholesale and governments.

Multi-Domain B2B Service Price List

The WEDOS Global Protection Multi-domain B2B solution is ideal for large and demanding customers looking for improving responsiveness and protection of multiple sites.

WEDOS Global Protection Multi-domain B2B White label service is perfect for hosting companies. Deploying the service is extremely easy and fast. Nothing changes for you or any of your customers domains.

The solution is perfect for government organizations, ministry/department/bureau domains and websites, and online government apps.

The data is not migrated, only one setting in DNS is changed. Our DNS servers are used and then our protections (and CDN) are put in the path between the Internet user and the target server where the website or application is running.

The service, or rather the basis of it, includes stable, strong and high-quality DNS servers. Also, where appropriate, the speeding up and protection of sites for multiple domains.

WEDOS DNS servers belong among the TOP5 in Europe and among the TOP30 in the world (based on stability, performance, and response speed, due to independent benchmarks). WEDOS belongs among the 5 best european DNS server providers.

The way DNS servers are controlled may remain unchanged. From the point of view of the WEDOS customer or the end user, nothing needs to change.

DNS servers are DDoS protected and deployed globally, across all WEDOS Global sites and as a backup across AWS sites.

Control of the service via administration or via WAPI (WEDOS API). For the end user (for example, a hosting customer), the existing controls can be maintained without any problems, as they are used.


A solution for large and demanding customers with hundreds of domains.

WEDOS name servers are used for domains (for example,,

The service uses WEDOS IP addresses, the autonomous WEDOS system. It is traceable that the service is operated on the WEDOS infrastructure.

The price is shown without VAT / with VAT of the given country, with a monthly invoicing surcharge of 10%.

Price List for the Multi-Domain B2B White Label Service

Ideal solution for hosting companies.

The current DNS server names, i.e. customer-defined names, are still used for domains.

Custom IP addresses and custom autonomous systems can be used. It is hard to trace that the service is running on the WEDOS infrastructure.

  • First 50 000 domains 0 €/month
  • AnyCast DNS Free
  • Using custom names for DNS servers + 50 €/month

    A fee applies for each custom DNS server name

  • Using your own IP addresses + 100 €/month

    The fee applies for each custom IP address range

  • Using custom ASNs + 100 €/month

    The fee applies to the entire autonomous system

  • For every 10 thousand domains + 50 €/month

    The first 50,000 domains are free

The price is shown without VAT / with VAT of the given country, with a monthly invoicing surcharge of 10%.

The Pricing for the Possible Use of WEDOS Global Protection for Web Protection and Acceleration

Every WEDOS customer can (but does not have to) activate WEDOS Global Protection for selected (or even all) domains and have their web traffic accelerated by caching (CDN) and protected by protection services.

If the customer wants to use WEDOS Global Protection, they can (but do not have to) set their own design of error and status pages, captcha pages, etc. and so, for example, you can have these pages with your graphics. The design can be used for all or only for selected sites (domains). You can combine different designs and choose according to your own needs.

Furthermore, you can optionally set up a precise individual template of filtering rules and traffic characteristics for the service to ensure that the service is fully functional and that unnecessary blocking does not occur or, conversely, that some threats are not released. Each template is produced individually for each customer in cooperation with our specialists. You can have different templates for different sites (domains) and always choose what suits you best. The template can be changed after agreement.

These are optional items. If the customer does not choose them, the normal WEDOS design is used and a normal rules template is produced by WEDOS without the individual needs of the customer.



All additional services are 50% off for our B2B partners. Price is per domain.

Information about the services

Price is per domain

All changes can be done via (W)API. Your customers do not need access to our administration.

We'll protect your website from cyber threats and make it load faster around the world.