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WEDOS Global infrastructure can be used in many ways to save time and money compared to conventional solutions
From 1 € / month
The WEDOS Global infrastructure is the result of 7 years of development, data analysis of more than 300,000 websites and operation of 2 private datacenters with thousands of servers of one of the largest hosting companies in Europe. This service is built to repel not only the strongest current but also future DDoS attacks to come. At the same time, we built it to save us money and human resources. Now you can use it too.

Why our solution?

Built on data and our own experience

WEDOS is one of the largest hosting service providers in Europe. We host blogs, eshops, news sites, apps, online gaming platforms and other hosting sites.

Since 2015, we have been actively analysing and evaluating their operation. We know what bothers them, we know what overloads them, we recognize faulty operation and we can eliminate it without consequences. All in real time, thanks to hundreds of fine-tuned algorithms.

We operate critical infrastructure

We are part of the critical infrastructure of several countries. If our DDoS protection didn’t work and we were offline for just an hour, millions of people in Europe would be affected.

WEDOS Global is our investment in the future. If it can protect critical infrastructure that is under attack almost every day, it can protect yours.

ISO certification

Everything we do is in accordance with international ISO standards and we are regularly audited and recertified by an independent authority.

We have the following ISO certifications:
ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System
ISO 27017 – Security controls for cloud services
ISO 27018 – Protecting personal information in public clouds

Fast deployment at no additional cost

Whether you want to use WEDOS Global’s infrastructure to accelerate your services, distribute content around the world, or just protect against a wide range of cyber threats, the best news is that it’s fast and cheap.

There’s no need to buy any expensive hardware, no need to move infrastructure or change your existing service providers. Just direct the domains to our servers via DNS.

API for bulk management

If you manage a large number of your customers’ domains, you can manage everything from you, through our API.

WEDOS grew up with automation, so we know how important it is to easily integrate via API and automate all tasks. WEDOS Global can offer you all this. Even more. Thanks to WEDOS OnLine you can monitor everything from DNS response, servers to the availability of individual sites.

WEDOS Global is one giant cloud

Everything that WEDOS Global does does not need to be scaled in any way from your side. That’s what we’re here for. The entire infrastructure is oversized 300 times to withstand the onslaught of very strong and large DDoS attacks. If you need 50x more resources for a few days to successfully advertise, it’s just a drop in the ocean for thousands of our servers.

Some numbers and statistics

TOP 10
in Europe

Our DNS servers are among the top 10 in Europe. Overall, we are among the top 5 European DNS server providers
(verified by independent measurements)

TOP 30
in North America

Our DNS servers are among the top 30 in North America. This is an extremely competitive environment, but it is important if your infrastructure uses third-party services from the US.

Free AnycastDNS Management

If you decide to use our multidomain solution, you can use our DNS for up to 10,000 domains for free.
You only pay for the use of the services.

We are not interested in your prices and margins

Our wholesale prices are fixed. How much you charge your customers is up to you. With a whitelabel solution, you can even pass off our services as your own.

What we can offer you

I manage a large number of websites

Hosting companies, web design companies, webmasters...
  • Anycast DNS (faster DNS, DNS management and DNS operation)
  • Web CDN (caching static content on WEDOS Global)
  • Protection against web overloading (attacks, vulnerability scanning ...)
  • Protection against DDoS attacks (filters traffic, hides your IP)
  • Fast DNS management up to 10 thousand domains for free
  • You only pay for protection and caching
  • API to connect to your systems
  • Possibility of whitelabel solution (own domain in DNS, IP or ASN)

I have sites that must always work

Government websites and infrastructure, eshops, critical infrastructure ...
  • Anycast DNS (faster DNS from around the world, protected from attacks)
  • Web CDN (caching and distribution of important content from our cloud)
  • Protection against web overloading (attacks, vulnerability scanning ...)
  • Protection against DDoS attacks (filters traffic, hides your IP)
  • Individual protection by country and identity hiding (TOR, VPN)
  • Customized protection templates after consultation with our specialists
  • Custom error pages (errors, downtime)
  • All GDRP compliant (we are from the EU)

Why should the speed and protection of your and your customers' websites be your priority?