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Secure a more accessible and faster WordPress with effective protection against cyberattacks on multiple layers and advanced caching. DDoS protection, WAF + CDN Cache.

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Why is DDoS protection, WAF and web CDN a great solution for your WordPress?

WEDOS Global Protection protects your WordPress against overloads, slowdowns and subsequent outages. By filtering harmful traffic and blocking IP addresses, only genuine users will be able to access your website. With connecting to the nearest server within our global infrastructure and smart caching, we are able to speed up the loading of your web content around the world!

Save up to 90% of server performance and speed up website loading by more than 70%!

WEDOS Global Protection blocks hackers' attacks

No more constant slowdowns and outages. Secure your website against DDoS attacks with a protection on three layers of the reference model, a smart web firewall and a reverse proxy which hides the IP address of your server. Only genuine traffic will be able to reach your website.

automatically speeds up WordPress

CDN (Content Delivery Network) Cache shifts the contents of your website closer to your readers. With several thousands of servers in 45 data centres placed around the globe, WEDOS Global Protection is able to significantly increase the website loading speed, improve user experience and thus increase the website conversion rate.

without CDN

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Website loading time


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Website loading time

Distributing network traffic among individual points of presence (PoPs) and connecting to the nearest proxy server helps to lower latency, increase website loading speed, and reduce risks of overloads and resulting outages.

and lowers the costs of web hosting operation

The BGP Anycast technology and our CDN Cache will help to reduce the costs of hardware from your web hosting provider. With a significantly lower number of requests reaching your target server, you can still use a basic hosting solution without the need for an upgrade. WGP filters out more than a half of the harmful traffic and thus saves up to 90% of server performance. The scaling of your website with an increased number of visitors will therefore be flexible and cause no problems.

Which benefits will you get with WEDOS Global Protection?

WordPress is the most popular editorial system (CMS), which attracts the attention of hacker groups and therefore is subjected to extensive cyberattacks. Those not only overburden the server and slow down the website, but can also cause severe security problems with privacy.

WEDOS Global Protection offers an ideal effective solution providing protection against those attacks, even before they arrive at the web server.

WEDOS Global Protection provides complex protection on multiple layers of the reference model (ISO/OSI). On the network layer (L3), it detects and filters DDoS attacks based on IP addresses using advanced techniques, such as rate limiting, blacklisting or whitelisting. 

On the transport layer (L4), WGP protects against attacks aimed at network ports (e.g. SYN/UDP flood attacks). On the application layer (L7), it is able to deal with sophisticated attacks aimed at specific protocols and applications (i.e. HTTP flood or DNS amplification).

It also serves as a Web Application Firewall (WAF), because it uncovers requests on wp-admin, XML-RPC or AJAX, and thus blocks known attempts of SQL Injection or cross-site scripting (XSS).

WEDOS Global Protection is based on the BGP Anycast technology and a reverse proxy which allow the distribution of similar IP addresses within more servers around the world, thereby allowing the traffic to diffuse and keep ballance within several points of presence (PoPs) within our infrastructure WEDOS Global. By blocking suspicious traffic even before it reaches the target server, we are able to filter out thousands of requests. Preventing the server from overloading helps to prevent outages and reach a significantly higher website loading speed.

WGP prevents server overloading, resulting in significantly faster website loading speeds. This can help to reduce bounce rate, increase time on page and generally improve user experience (UX), thus positively impacting your SEO. Search engines prefer fast and accessible websites, which can push yours to higher positions in search results.

WEDOS Global Protection serves as a web CDN with advanced caching. Cached servers, which are placed globally within our infrastructure, continuously create inter-memory copies of a website. Those allow saving the contents of a website (e.g. pictures, fonts or Javascript and CSS files) in several geographical locations, always close to visitors. The contents do not have to load again with every new request (i.e. access of a user to a website), which significantly reduces the amount of data.

Thanks to this, you will achieve a faster website loading speed, higher engagement rates, more conversions and returning satisfied customers. 

WEDOS Global Protection can also help to significantly reduce the costs of hardware from your web hosting provider. By distributing the traffic, blocking suspicious requests and with an advanced caching, we are able to reduce the number of requests reaching the target server. As a result, you will be able to use a cheaper solution without expensive surcharges for extra memory or CPU. According to customer testimonials, WGP can filter out more than a half of the harmful traffic, thus saving up to 90% of server performance.

We will make sure that no possible bug or error will cause an outage in your website functioning. No matter when you need help, our experts are there for you. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

WordPress plugin for an easy installation

The WordPress plugin for WGP allows you to quickly and easily create a new account on WEDOS Global or pair an existing one. You can do this directly from the WordPress administration without leaving the WordPress environment. This process immediately activates WEDOS Global Protection.

How to install the WordPress plugin for WEDOS Global Protection?

Step 1 – Look for WEDOS Global Protection in the list of plugins in the WP administration.

Step 2 – Install and activate the WGP plugin in 2 clicks.

Step 3 – You can already create an account with WEDOS and set up the protection and speedup of the website.

Alternatively, you can download the plugin and then upload it to your WordPress.

Service Setup in 3 steps in 5 minutes

Create an account

You can create an account with us in a few minutes for free and with no liabilities. No need to enter credit card information.

Add a domain

Just add your domain in the service administration and follow simple instructions. If you use WordPress, you can use our plugin.

Direct DNS

Just direct your domain to our DNS servers. No need to change your service provider, no data or server migration.

Bonuses and advanced protection features with easy settings

Optimise the settings of the service according to your needs, boost security, and support your website performance with advanced, yet easily adjustable functions.
Advanced settings for caching

The option to turn the cache on / off, immediately delete the cache (Purge), choose the TTL for the cache, set the caching for selected files only or create exceptions for specific URLs.

Paranoia level at WAF serves as a means to set the level of sensitivity and aggressivity by which the firewall detects and reacts to potentially dangerous activities and attacks on web applications.

The option to blacklist suspiciously behaving IP addresses or whole sets of IPs from a certain provider. You can also block access for particular IP addresses as a precaution. Last but not least, you can also block access for specific user agents (e.g. web browsers or other clients).

In case you would like to manage the choice of the protection(s) against robots and the verification of accesses to your website yourself, we offer a manual setting and an advanced control of CAPTCHA and Cookies in the WGP admin.

The Geo-IP feature allows you to limit traffic coming from specific geographical locations (countries or continents) which are identified as a potential source of DDoS attacks or other harmful activities.

The option to use your own paid SSL certificate with extended verification, extent of support, validity and more functions.

In the WGP admin, you can track real current data for blocked robots and suspicious requests for your website. There, you can also find information about the number of requests returned from cache.

We offer a free Let’s Encrypt certificate for secured HTTPS communication with every service.

WP plugin for WGP allows you to easily create a new account for WEDOS Global or pair existing ones directly using the WordPress admin.

Our customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. In case of a problem, you can immediately connect with our operator via chat and have your request dealt with without delay.

Try WEDOS Global Protection for 15 days for FREE

WEDOS Global Protection helps you speed up your WordPress website and protect it against cyberattacks at all layers. Choose one of the tariffs that best suits your needs.


Start plan for WordPress plugin
FREE for WordPress users
  • our recommended settings
  • basic caching in filesystem
  • basic image optimization
  • Advanced plan as a TRIAL version
  • servers only in core locations
  • basic website availability monitoring
  • up to 10,000 visits per day


Better protection, statistics, and monitoring
7 €/month 15-DAY TRIAL! 8,47 €/month incl. VAT
  • all from the Start plan + crawler hint
  • smart protection, faster response + CDN
  • clean design for cookies and CAPTCHA
  • advanced cache and protection for WordPress
  • worldwide coverage (100+ server locations)
  • customer support 8/5
  • up to 5 million visits per day


For specialists with 1 website
100 €/month 121 €/month incl. VAT
  • all from the Advanced plan
  • Geo-IP blocking, whitelists, blacklists
  • custom design of status pages
  • settings for individual URLs
  • your own SSL certificate
  • customer support 8/5
  • up to 10 million visits per day

5-minute setup. No need to move data, change hosting or servers. No software installation.

Dotekománie reduced the load on the target server by 41%, thanks to using our BGP Anycast technology and advanced CDN caching, making their website permanently available without any slowdowns or outages.

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