Trial Periods and Refunds

It is possible to refund money for web hosting services, WebSite services, WEDOS Disk services, VPS SSD and VPS ON services for up to 7 days with a full refund (for any reason). It is possible to do the same for up to 180 days for certain specific reasons (this also applies for dedicated servers).

A 7-Day Trial Period

It is possible to withdraw from web hosting services, WebSite services, WEDOS Disk and VPS services for up to 7 days (after completing your order) for any reason and to get a full refund. It is necessary to send your withdrawal after login through the contact form and to describe the reasons for your decision in detail. We will use your comments and reasons to further enhance our services.

The 7-day trial period does not apply to dedicated servers.

A 180-Day Refund Guarantee

We allow the withdrawal from web hosting services, WebSite services, WEDOS Disk services, VPS and dedicated servers (in the case of a yearly payment) for up to 180 days (from your completion of the order) with a partial refund, but only for the following 2 reasons:
1. the provably insufficient performance of the operator’s servers
2. proven repeated server failures caused by a malfunction on the operator’s side.

Other reasons are not accepted (for ex. unsuitable parameters of the web hosting service or its configuration, missing functions etc.).

Transferring to a Different Service

When transferring from a web hosting service to a virtual or dedicated server (due to unsuitable shared hosting parameters), it is possible to withdraw from the web hosting service and the payment (for the unused period) will be transferred (to the new service).