Sponsorship and Cooperation

Information about sponsorship opportunities and cooperation on other projects

We offer sponsorships, but we rarely engage in cooperation on projects.

We only offer sponsorship, i.e. the free provision of domains and hosting services, for charitable purposes – i.e. to charities and other charitable organisations. We are willing to pay the fees associated with the management of domain names and to provide free web hosting according to the agreed terms. If you are interested, please use the contact form and describe your project in detail.

We are also willing to participate in interesting large commercial projects aimed at the general public . The form of cooperation can be very diverse. In any case, you must provide us with detailed information about the project.

All others interested in sponsorship or cooperation are referred to our affiliate system . In case of a successful project, you can easily earn extra money to cover the costs of the domain and hosting. Simply place an advertisement your the site promoting our products and earn commissions from the orders you place. We offer commissions up to 50%.

We certainly do not offer sponsorship to individuals or closed community sites (like game servers or game portals) etc. We certainly won’t give domains or services without seeing a return somewhere, because otherwise it wouldn’t be classic sponsorship (basically advertising), but charity (donation). We will support charitable projects, but really only projects that are charitably oriented.

We believe that our prices are very low indeed and cannot be an obstacle to the start of any project, but rather a proof that the project is serious. The payment is a kind of “ticket” between really seriously planned projects. Otherwise, we would register domains for many projects every day and provide web hosting (or VPS) for many projects every day and some of them would be completely without success and without return for us (we have to pay for the domains).