Are you interested in individual solutions? Are you interested in an individual approach? Would you like to contact our sales department about specific requests? Do you want your own SLA? Use our Contact Form and contact our sales department for VIP customers today! The entire WEDOS VIP (WEDOS VIP / B2B) service is currently being piloted.

VIP - Very Individual Products

VIP (Very Individual Products) – very individual solutions for the most demanding of customers.  We encounter demands of a very individual nature from our current and potential clients every day. Due to this, we have decided to offer a service with an individual approach. As our customer, you will be assigned a salesperson who will help you create a service or a range of services directly to measure. As a result of this, the services will be a bit more expensive. In the case of SLAs (with a guarantee of availability and a contractual penalty), the cost will be a little more for us, but we would put our hand in the fire for them.

Your Dedicated Salesperson

Our VIP salesperson, who will always be an experienced colleague with knowledge of the issues not only commercially but also technically, will discuss everything with you. They will invite you to a meeting with us and a tour of both data centers, to see that we really do operate exactly as we declare.

You will then discuss all the details at a joint lunch. They will then call you once in a while to find out if you find our services satisfactory. They will ask if anything is malfunctioning, if you are satisfied with everything , what you need help with and will possibly share news of our newest developments.

A Few Facts About WEDOS VIP

The response time with WEDOS VIP will be short, because we are present in the data center 24/7. Due to TIER IV, there will have to be at least two of our employees in DC2 at all hours.

As part of the service, it will be possible to agree on a reaction time of, for example, 15 minutes. This can all be arranged based on what the client’s ideas and needs are, and what they are willing to pay for 🙂

We always keep a full stock of spare parts and servers. You will find spare switches, tens to hundreds of spare servers, hundreds of spare disks or memory modules in stock. In addition, we have contracts with business partners who must keep part of the hardware we need in stock. Our servers are under service contracts.

We only use unified series of servers (we have hundreds of identical servers of the same model and we do not change anything (perhaps except disks)). Thanks to this, we can service everything quickly. We do not have servers that are all different and cannot be serviced well.The fact that we have the same servers allows us to exchange one piece for another, if needed.

We have various certifications and perform audits and regular inspections of our equipment.

What You Get With WEDOS VIP

What Services You Can Expect

How to Start With WEDOS VIP?

We are the largest hosting provider in the Czech Republic (according to official CZ.NIC statistics). We have our own two data centers and hope to start building the third this year. We operate about 18% of all Czech websites and their e-mails and almost 20% of all domains. We do this for projects of all sizes – our customers are individuals, but also companies with a turnover of billions. You will also find large e-shops or other large corporations with us.

  1. The minimum monthly expenditure is CZK 20,000. The upper boundary is unlimited.
  2. Non-binding consultations via e-mail or video call.
  3. Personal meeting, tour of the background of our company.
  4. Thorough analysis of client needs. We will discuss everything in peace and quiet at a pleasant lunch.
  5. Proposed solution, agreement on terms of cooperation. Finalising details.
  6. Conclusion of the contract (electronically remotely).
  7. Start of cooperation.
  8. A Satisfied client 🙂
  9. Long-term cooperation. We will stay interested in your needs. You can take care of your work or go on holiday, while everything is taken care of by WEDOS.

A pilot operation of the service is currently underway.