Pay only for what you need! Choose your desired RAM size, disk space (100% SSD) and number of dedicated or shared CPU cores.

Unbeatable offer!
from 3,76 €/month
(4,55 €/month with VAT)

Virtual Servers on OpenNebula Cloud Infrastructure

The WEDOS VPS ON service is built on the OpenNebula cloud infrastructure. This allows us to not only distribute and reallocate power and server resources very efficiently so that no physical server is overloaded, but also ensures the migration of your VPS in case of any technical or hardware problems.

Pay only for what you need!

No more extra modules where you have to pay for an unused disk if you need power or RAM. We let you to choose the parameters you want and pay only for them. If you run out of them, you simply upgrade the VPS according to your requirements. Upgrading is possible at any time. Downsizing from the next billing period (you cannot decrease disk storage or remove dedicated CPU).

Need computing power without a large storage? No problem! Buy dedicated CPU power just for you and only 5 GB SSD and RAM to go with it.

On the other hand, do you want a large storage for fast backups? Then get a single shared thread, 1 GB of RAM, and a 480 GB SSD to go with it.

Do you just want a tiny VPS for doing some work on a regular basis? How about 1 shared thread, 1 GB RAM and 5 GB SSD for just a few dollars a month?

Server Resources

1 shared CPU thread
2.9-3 (turbo up to 3.8) GHz, 1:3 sharing*
min 1 - max 4
2,26 €/month
(2,73 €/month with VAT)
1 dedicated physical CPU thread
2.9-3 (turbo up to 3.8) GHz, max. 4 threads just for you
min 0 - max 4
8,60 €/month
(10,41 €/month with VAT)
Planned max 64 GB, always reserved
min 0,5 GB - max 16 GB
1,74 €/month
(2,11 €/month with VAT)
SSD (RAW), up to several TB in the future, always dedicated
min 5 GB - max 480 GB
0,17 €/month
(0,21 €/month with VAT)

* The distribution is calculated so that the servers are on average 50% utilized. Our solution distributes the VPS automatically, depending on the load.

The prices are given for 1 month of an annual payment, for monthly billing there is a 10% surcharge.

For higher requirements, use our offer of dedicated servers.

VPS ON Management

The cloud infrastructure is managed through the OpenNebula Sunstone web interface

For more information on controlling and managing VPS ON, please refer to the knowledge base.

Operating Systems

When ordering a virtual server, you can choose one of the pre-installed Linux-based operating systems.

It is always only a basic installation without additional software. The customer can access the server with full rights via SSH as root user.

Another option is to order a virtual server without an operating system. After setting up the server, the customer connects a CD/DVD of his choice in the customer administration, boots from the CD/DVD and performs his own installation of any system. If the customer installs an operating system that requires a license, the customer is obliged to have such a license and to present it upon request.

Why Choose WEDOS?

High performance, safety, stability and quality.
3,76 €
4,55 €/month with VAT


To operate and manage a virtual server, you need at least basic knowledge of the operating system. We do not offer any warranty or free support for the pre-installed software. Unlike with web hosting services, we do not take care of the server in VPS, we do not install the necessary software, nor do we perform configurations and modifications at the customer’s request, etc. (only in the form of paid work of our technician).

The virtual server does not include any additional software (e.g. WWW server, PHP, database, etc.). It is only a basic installation of the operating system. The installation and configuration of any additional software and services is entirely the responsibility of the customer! Different distributions of the operating system and different management tools are available. If you don’t have experience with this, nor do you have anyone to take care of it for you, we recommend choosing a web hosting service.

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Need Help?

Our customer support team is made up of people who are passionate about internet technology. They will provide you with information about the services, help you with ordering and controlling the service via the customer administration. They can help you with billing issues.
Before contacting us, please review our knowledge base where most questions and problems are addressed.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via chat, email or contact form. Response time is immediate for common technical queries, for more complex issues a technician will respond within 2 hours.


VPS ON is built on the OpenNebula cloud infrastructure.

The cloud infrastructure provides us with migration of your VPS between servers without losing PING. Thus, there is no risk of downtime for maintenance with us. If we need to fix or update something, we simply move you to another server without losing PING. But that’s not all. If there is a fatal hardware failure, your VPS will be restarted on another server within 45 seconds. These are options that only a true cloud solution can provide.

The entire server is yours, the operating system of your choice is installed on it and you have full admin rights. Any software you want can be installed and run on it. You can reinstall the server and change the operating system at any time.

VPS ON is designed for the most demanding customers who are no longer satisfied with our web hosting offer and at the same time have a need for special settings (which cannot be offered on a shared web hosting), installation of certain add-ons (which we do not install on web hosting), or higher performance and at the same time do not want to pay monthly higher amounts for a dedicated (dedicated physical machine for one customer) server. Unlike VPS SSD, where it is ordered in modules, with VPS ON you can set the parameters (RAM, disk size, number of CPU cores) separately.

Not sur about the exact differences between web hosting services, a virtual private server (VPS) and a dedicated server and can’t decide which is the better solution for your website or other application?

If you want to run a website,  you can use any of our hosting products – web hosting, VPS and dedicated server. The differences between them are in the options they offer, the complexity of management, performance, the degree of server sharing with other customers, etc.

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