The Debian 8.0 ISP Package (unavailable)

We offer a pre-installed Linux operating system with the Debian 8.0 ISP package. Apache, PHP, MariaDB, mailserver, DNS server and other software with an ISPConfig control panel are pre-installed on the server.

We do not offer Debian 8.0 ISP anymore. This page is an archive. There are easy ways how to achieve ISPConfig powered server

When choosing this option, the customer gets a server for the complete operation of a website. It serves as an alternative to our web hosting for more demanding customers – any number of domains can be placed on the VPS, the customer is not limited, everything can be set as needed.

An unlimited number of domains, subdomains, databases, and email accounts can be placed on the server. You are only limited by VPS performance, memory, and disk space.

In particular, the services listed below are installed on the Debian 8.0 ISP server. Their version is based on the currently available packages in the repository (installed via apt). 

  • linux Debian 8 operating system
  • Apache (webserver)
  • PHP (programing language)
  • MariaDB (database)
  • pure-ftpd (FTP server)
  • Python (programing language)
  • Postfix (SMTP server)
  • Dovecot (POP3/IMAP server)
  • Spamassasin (anti-spam filter)
  • Clamav (antivirus)
  • Webalizer (statistics)
  • phpMyAdmin (MariaDB management through web interface)
  • RoundCube (webmail)
  • Bind (DNS server)


The package is pre-installed for the customer as it is. The fact that the software is pre-installed by us does not change the fact that the customer must understand Linux server administration. We do not offer any warranty or free support for pre-installed software. All essentials of VPS operation (installation, configuration, troubleshooting, updating, security, backup, …) must be handled by the customer by eg. using documentation and discussion forums for the relevant products. Alternatively, you can arrange paid technical support with us.


All of the above is controlled via the user-friendly ISPConfig 3 web interface. Users can use it for complete server and all pre-installed service management.

For optimal running, this option will require at least two VPS modules (30GB HDD, 2GB RAM, 1 CPU).

The official ISPConfig 3  website:

  • client management – accounts can be created for clients who have access via ISPConfig to set up their services
  • managing your email accounts
  • monitoring of running services
  • virtual host management
  • managing FTP accounts
  • management of shell accounts
  • database management (MariaDB)
  • Cron settings
  • DNS
  • firewall settings
  • setting php.ini
  • management of SSL certificates
  • … and more
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