Adding Extensions

Adding Extensions and Functionalities

We are often asked why our web hosting service does not support XYZ technology and why it is not possible to add ABC extensions to PHP.

Web hosting is a shared service. This means that hundreds of our customers have their sites on one web hosting server. Any change (adding a module, new technology, changing parameters, and constraints) can affect all of these customers at once – both positively and negatively. 1 customer could be happy to have some new technology, but then 100 customers would have problems, because of possible incompatibility with other extensions or PHP applications.

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Our goal is to provide a quality and stable service and we want to keep it safe – we don’t install unknown extensions. We will not risk the problems that this might cause. We only install extensions we know, we have thoroughly tested and we can guarantee will work as they should.

We do not assume that the web hosting service will satisfy the requirements of all customers. It is not even possible, there is always someone who needs a parameter different from the others. The vast majority of people will find that the web hosting service is quite sufficient.

Virtual private servers are designed for those who do not think the web hosting service is sufficient and need some special technologies or parameters. Here, the customer has the whole server for themselves and can install and configure everything according to their wishes (operating system, web server, PHP, databases, and any other applications).

Parameters and Restrictions of a Web Hosting

There are many different limitations for web hosting, eg max. size of databases, some unauthorized directives in htaccess, memory and time limitations of running PHP scripts, max. PHP processes for one web, limits of the number of e-mails sent in one day, etc.

All these limitations are justified. They are not in place because we would like to terrorize our customers. Restrictions are there to prevent one site from causing any overload or other non-standard situations for any reason, resulting in the malfunction of hundreds of other customer sites.

This is a compromise between comfort and stability (as well as security). It must be said that most of these parameters are fixed and cannot be changed in any way.

But again, it is true – for the vast majority of customers, the parameters and limitations set by us are quite sufficient.

New PHP Extensions

We do not plan to add any extensions to PHP at this time.

It may happen that we will add widely requested extensions, but it is not a matter of days or weeks. We first test our new extensions on our development servers for a few months. Only when we are sure that the extensions work as they should and that nothing is broken by their introduction, will we start offering them.

Unsupported PHP Extensions

Examples of unsupported PHP extensions:

  • any extensions from the PECL library
  • APC – does not work on our web hosting service (because we use it as FastCGI), we use eAccelerator as an opcode cache
  • ffmpeg, mencoder etc. – our web hosting service does not serve as a computing cluster for converting audio and video

Other Unsupported Technology

  • SSH – we do not offer access to web hosting service through SSH and we will never offer it for shared web hosting services, unlimited SSH is available on VPS
  • CGI, JSP, and other languages and technologies – web hosting can only run PHP, no other programs or scripting languages, we do not plan to change this
  • ASP.NET – We only run web hosting services on Linux, web hosting services on Windows may be available in the future


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