FREE web host for up to 2 years when transferring from our competitors!

The NoLimit Web Hosting

The best-selling web hosting in Czechia. Experience amazing performance with 3.8 Ghz processors and fast NVMe SSDs today.

The favorite Web Hosting in Czechia!
2,75 €/mo
(3,33 €/mo with VAT)

Most popular
web hosting​

The best-selling webhosting in the CZE in years 2011-2023. We manage over 110,000 webhosting.

for WordPress

The most used web hosting for WordPress websites in the Czech Republic!

The most modern

Enjoy high performance, stability and quality! 24/7 customer support.

„NoLimit“ – professional web hosting, which is 100% on SSD and with 24/7 support.

2,75 €
per month without VAT
3,33 €/month with VAT

Ideal for WordPress, Joomla, e-shops, ...

Install your favorite apps conveniently with one click 🙂

HPE Moonshot

The NoLimit web hosting service is operated on branded HPE Moonshot servers, which are developed by Hewlett Packart Enterprise specifically for huge cloud solutions.

One HPE Moonshot server performs the function of 45 processors with 36O 2,9-3,0 GHz CPU fibres (3,4-3,8 GHz in turbo mode), 2880 GB RAM, 45-180 TB NVMe SSD. 

Professional web hosting that is 100% on SSD and with support that is available 24/7.

Gifts with the Web Hosting

You can choose a gift with each order of NoLimit or NoLimit Extra web hosting.

Do You Need Help?

Our customer support is made up of people that enjoy IT. We will provide you with information about services, or help with ordering and controlling the service through customer administration. We can help you with domain changes, with DNS record editing and billing issues.

Before you contact us, take a look at our knowledge basewhere most questions and issues are addressed.

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through e-mail or our contact form. The response time is instantaneous for normal technical queries and takes about 2 hours in the case of more complex problems.


Here we have a detailed description (step by step) of how to transfer web hosting from another provider to us. No downtime and no problems.

Yes, the web hosting space can be used without restrictions, subject to the following conditions:

Yes, if you have multiple domains, there are several ways to create a  web hosting for them.

More information:

Don’t know what the exact differences between web hostings, virtual servers (VPS) and dedicated servers are and you can’t decide what the best solution for running your site or other app is?

If you want to run eg. WWW pages, you can use any of our hosting products – web hosting, VPS and dedicated server. The differences between them are in the possibilities they offer, the complexity of administration, performance, the degree of server sharing with other customers, and so on.

More information:

Do you need higher performance?

Switch to the more powerful NoLimit Extra variant. You get higher processor performance, better PHP parameters, more space for databases and e-mails. The Extra package also includes HTTPS on the domain (SNI), daily backup and recovery from a free backup.

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